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    Why the ship services on big rivers and oceans not considered in India ?

    India has the vast rivers that traverse through many districts and states and some rivers are long enough to start from the North and flows into Bay of Bengal in the east. These rivers pass through the important land marks, prestigious religious places and great historical cities. When the rail, road and the air connect not possible to every great place of India, the water connectivity should be fully used and even the vast coastal belt on east and west should have ship services to coastal cities and ports so that much economic activities can takes place.
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    Transport on the water is very slow and time-consuming. It takes a long time to travel from place to place. These days people are not having that much time. In earlier days people used to travel even to other countries on ships. Those days the countries are not well connected through air transportation. They used to travel for months together. Another problem with this is the services are very unreliable. Much depends on the climatic conditions. If the climate is not good the travel will be stopped and will start only after the climate is good enough to travel. Another issue is the availability of ports for getting in and getting out. Ships can't come up to the shore and there should be boats for coming near to the shore. This is also a negative factor for ship travel.

    There are some advantages also like the water transportation is eco friendly and cost-effective. As there are many problems in this mode of transportation, many may not prefer water transportation.

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    Motored steamers with less passengers can be operated along the coast.
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    A good thread initiated by the author. Many times questions arise in relation to the national waterways in the country, because there is really a large group of rivers in the country, in such a situation, if the arrangement is done properly, then a lot of benefits can be taken in relation to traffic. At present, there are only 6 national waterways in the country but at the same time, about 100 waterways are also proposed to be built. If this plan is done at the right time in the right way then it will be a really big step.

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    In many countries waterways are very well developed and are being used especially for short distance. This serves for many purposes as it helps in reducing the traffic load in the other conventional ways like road transport or train transport and facilitates people by providing another option of the water ways system. The basic need in developing the waterways is to clean the rivers, desilt them, to widen them, and to make good vertical sides so that the boats and small ships can move freely and also there should be sufficient number of stations and docks where these boats could be stopped and parked for sometime before moving to other place by taking another load of merchandise. This would require lot of emphasis on this area and revamping of the existing waterways to make them modernized and useful for this purpose. This is an important area and governments should think of making a national policy in that segment.
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