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    Are daughters more affectionate towards their parents?

    There is a feeling these days in many that a daughter will be more affectionate towards their parents. There were times when people used to think that having a daughter is a curse. Those days getting a daughter married was very difficult and middle-class families were suffering a lot as they have to give huge amounts as dowry to get their daughter married. I heard that in some families women were penalised if they deliver a baby girl. But slowly the situation is changed and now both girls and boys are treated equally and there is no such discrimination.
    In many families these days we see the daughters are taking care of their old parents even though their brothers neglect them. Many daughters have concern for their parents rather than their parents in law. Maybe the influence of a lady is changing the behaviour of her male counterpart. I like to know the views of other members.
    I think this topic is more pertinent to discuss on the international daughters day of this year that is today. Every year this day is celebrated on the fourth Sunday of September month.
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    Daughters are nowadays taking care of their parents also in many cases especially where there is no son in the family or the parents are not well and things like that. There is a simple reason behind this attachment, love, and affection. The reason is that the daughter will have a strong association and and relation with parents since she was a child and was being taken care by the parents in very loving and affectionate manner. No mother will fight with her daughter or ask her daughter to do work for her. In fact most of the mothers are happy to feed the daughter even if the daughter is grown up. Of course daughter will also reciprocate by helping her mother time to time whenever she needed it. So it is a free and convenient relationship between mother and daughter. Let us compare it with the mother and daughter in law relationship which is a difficult situation because of conflict of interests. There is no love, affection, and good feeling in that relationship.
    So, it is natural for the daughters to be affectionate with their parents. I am not very sure that they are more affectionate with the parent then the sons in the family as now a days because of nuclear families their orientation is changed to their small family so they will not be taking too much care of their parents. Extending the same logic the daughter and son in law would also not be caring for the the son in law's parents and that is what is happening in most of the families today in our country.

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    The perceptions has been changed. Daughters are no more a burden to family as thought in earlier days. In fact daughters are more caring and concerned for the parents when they get old and every earning daughter has been making enough provisions for the well being of family even after marriage as arrangements are made to part with some amount with the consent of the in laws and thus daughters are proving to be better than the sons. On the other hand the sons are drifting away from the family as they go to the foreign countries for higher studies and never turn up back and thus the parents are lost their children for ever and this has been happening in many families and thus daughters are proving to be role model for many and that is the great change we are now seeing in the society which no more gives credence to the sons.
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    Daughters are always affectionate and caring to their parents. I don't mean to say that the sons don't have that much affection. They, too, love their parents in the same way but once they are employed in higher posts, they either go to the foreign countries or living in India, they remain preoccupied with their own assignments leaving their parents due to the indifference attitudes of their wives. Thus they are no more able to take care of their parents. In case of their daughters irrespective of their married status or otherwise, they remain anxious for their parents and would take care of their welfare at every stage. Hence we, too, should not shy away in providing them better education to make their lives glorious. In that way, we would be equally benefited.

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    An interesting thread is posted by the author, this is true up to some extent, actually, women are more emotional than men and when it comes to their blood relationship they have extra affection towards them. In our society daughters spend less time with their parents because they have to go to another house and be a part of another family after marriage, after a certain age and this is also a reason that parents do not have any expectation from daughters as they have from their son. When there is no expectation with anyone a little care will also seem great. Boys also want to take care of their parents but sometimes they are unable to manage their life partners and parents and make life complicated. If this management will go smoothly then both daughters or sons have respect and affections towards their parents.

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    Boys and girls are all sympathetic to their parents. In our society, it is up to the boys to look after the parents because, after marriage, the daughters take care of the responsibilities in the father-in-law's house. It has been around since ancient times, not today. Since girls are not always close to their parents, they have more affection for their parents, the daughter also has a little more love for her parents. This is normal. But where the daughters are only children, in many cases the parents look good on the sympathy of the daughter's father-in-law's house. It is ruthless but true in many cases. But in modern society, it is our pride that girls are aware of their rights and are able to do everything in a healthy way. Thanks for the nice post.
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    The major thing in families of nowadays is lack of understanding, seeking privacy, not interested in other's especially seniors' involvement or advise. Immediately on completion of marriage they want to get a separate house. Girls are of course affectionate on her parents at the cost of parents-in-laws. A girl on her marriage neglects the parents-in-law to show her love on her parents so the bad name goes to the son (her husband) as he is neglecting his parents on her words.
    My view is both husband and wife should show their affection on both side parents as both of them are important to both. My first advise to my wife on returning from our wedding city itself to consider my parents as well her parents equally and on no account we should ignore both the parents. If this prevails in all families there will be no questioning whether daughters or sons affectionate on their parents.

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