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    Money is more important than the relationship

    Nowadays, most people are running after money. They have no time for their personal care and other important work. In such a situation, maintaining a relationship is just like a dream come true. Today, those people who are living away from their parents have no time to make a phone call monthly once. If a phone call is done by someone only when they are in need otherwise, they don't want to maintain a relationship. These days, all relationship has been ignored whether a parent-child relationship or family relationship. All men and women are working day by day. Many working moms are leaving their newborn babies in hands of servant maids. As a result, after growing up, children have very little affection for their mom. On other hand, old age people have the same feeling. They also feel depressed and lonely. In this materialistic world, money has ended up our all relationships. What is your opinion about it?
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    Money is important in our lives. But money is not the only important factor. There are many other important factors in our lives. Our health is also very important. Maintaining good relations with other people is also a very important factor. People say even a silver plate wants the support of a wall to stand. It can't stand on its own. When we die to take our dead body to the burial ground at least there is a necessity of 4 people.
    When we are in a desert a drop of water is more valuable than a lakh of rupees that are in your pocket. Do you agree?
    So we should balance all the issues in our lives. We should take care of our children and also we should take care of our old parents. Then only when we are old we may get the support of our children. Even though we earn crores of rupees and give it to our children, what they are going to do with that is not known to us. They may spend no time and suffer thereafter. So never think of giving huge money to them. Let them have a good education and then a job. As a parent that is sufficient. Don't worry about bank deposits.

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    Some people give importance to money more than anything else and they repent later for that. For healthy and happy life money is required and nobody can deny it but at the same time, love and compassion are also essential. If these are missing from someone's life the happiness becomes momentary and dependant on materials. After a certain period, the person begins to think about the purpose of earning so much and running after money all the time. This gives rise to depression. One cannot stay alone because we all are social beings. Research shows that love and care from family members are important and work as a stress reliever. Money has not ended any relationship it's the viewpoint of some people towards money and materials that created the problems.

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    Nicely said by the author. Given the good qualification and ability to work, the people are getting best jobs and also paid good. But some over zealous people are going further one step to earn more and work for over time or look for green pastures , thereby giving a miss to their daily life and especially the care of children going for the toss. The relations between the wife and husband also gets curtailed due to varied working hours and life style during the job and thus some are meeting each other only on week ends and thus lost connect in between in person. Over the period of time the small children who yearn for the mothers care are unable to understand the maid and thus getting annoyed and agitated from inside and in the absence of elders at the home the kids are really missing the motherly bond they ought to have during the time.
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    It is true that we are day by day becoming more and more materialistic and not bothering for our basic relationship and relations with our family, friends, or relatives. People are becoming self centred and only bothered for their own growth and making money. Joint families are being replaced with nuclear family and children are also not much attached to their parents or grandparents. The relationship between parents and their children is becoming a one sided relationship where only parents are taking care the needs of the children and the children are forgetting them once they get a job and settle in their career somewhere else. This attitude shift in the society has not come in one day but it is the effect of modernization, industrial progress, and to some extent urbanization, and blind race for earning money and material. I think we are heading for a more cruel world ahead.
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    Money is important no doubt but we should not run after money madly. We have seen the people thinking consistently how to have more money and this thinking has affected their lives to the extent that they have no time for other affairs such as taking care of their families or even they don't have the time for taking lunch. Money is definitely meant for comforts of the families. We can provide better education to our children and even in case of health ailments, there is no problem in relation to money. Whatever the bill is, the same can be footed easily. We should consider the for the fulfilment of our wishes but to a certain limit, this can be helpful. Excess of it will invite many more including the health disorders. Hence our main thrust area is to look after the welfare of the families and money remains in the backseat.

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    Money and relations both are important for a human as we cannot imagine our life without relationships and we can not survive without money so we can not choose any one of them. What a person should do is that to make a harmony between both of them. But some people actually running after the money and ignore their people. When we want t live a happy and comfortable life we definitely need money to get what we want but to enjoy the same facilities we need our people.

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    Money is important to our daily life. Money makes many things. Money only give honour to person. Money will be a valid one till the graveyard. But relationship has no relationship with money. Money based relationships are not real relationships. Many relationships are broke because of money. Money minded persons neglects the relatives without money or with less money than theirs. Persons without money severely hesitate to talk with relations who are with money. Here the money makes one at a distance from the relatives. It is agreeable to those who are not interested in relationships but the relationships are more important than money.
    A couple in my nearby area for whom both sons have employed in foreign country with good salary, suddenly got panic when the wife of that person died suddenly. Though they have enough money the husband suffered much difficulty at that time as their sons unable to come to India suddenly due to various reasons and no relatives came there as they kept all their relatives at distance as they are wealthy over others. The neighborhood people however sent message to their relatives but without minding their earlier insult they came for their rescue. The husband then only realized the relationship over their money.


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