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    Does the color of the clothes we wear pep up and keep the day good ?

    For that matter wearing of clothes is the necessity for every human being but we have been struggling hard to keep others happy and wants to get the nod of acceptance and likes from our close observers as to the color statement we make along with the fashionable clothes we wear on daily basis. By the way we spend lots of time and money in selecting the best clothes that should give us the personal satisfaction and also earn the pat from others. But invariably the yellow color clothes for ladies keep their mood in good sense all through the day and the appreciation from others is also for sure. Any comment ?
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    Colours definitely lift up aur mood some times but colours are are basically pertain to the individual choices and liking. We all see so many colours around us in the nature in form of greenery, rainbow, water, flowers, and other things like that. Every colour evokes some feeling in us. There are some distinctive colours like colour of fire, colour of smoke, colour of a colourful bird, colour of sky during sunrise and sunset, etc which are so common and known to us. This is a mystery to find out as why a particular person likes a particular colour but due to that reason there are so many colours available in the cloth market. When we go to choose a dress or cloth then we select as per our liking. Whenever we dress ourselves we will finally settle for our colours of liking and then feel satisfied that we are in a good presentable form.
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    The description of colors has always been very interesting, whether it is the seven colors of the spectrum or the beautiful colors of the rainbow, or the effect of the colors of the flowers. We have always felt the beauty of our surroundings through colors and being nice and beautiful also makes our bad mood good. When the external nature of the colors is so dominant, it is natural for the colors to have an effect in relation to the clothes as well. In general, it is believed that light colors show peace and dark colors show enthusiasm. On the basis of science, we know that we see the same color which is being reflected by a particular Vastu. Just as white color reflects all colors, so we see white, similarly black color absorbs all colors and hence we see black without seeing any color. The defeat of colors is seen in our mood in every form, so the choice of colors is important.

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    The interesting thing about colours is the choice of colour when one goes to buy clothes or some other household items. People may say that what is there in colour, the items should be useful for us and that's all. But it is not exactly like that. I have seen people going to the market spending a few hours and then coming without buying and telling that they did not get the colour of their choice. When we go to market to buy an item then we observe so many things about it like quality of the product, price of the product, durability of the product, brand of the product, information about the product if we have heard it from our friends or relatives and things like that but we forget that colour of the item is also very important because if it is not soothing to your eyes and if you dislike that colour how can you spend money and bring that item to keep in your house and whenever you see it you feel and dislike it. Is not that a very puzzling situation? So sometimes colours take precedence over all other items and one finally chooses the colour of his choice and then only buys the item.
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    If good color clothes combination was adorned and got the best likes from others our mood goes up.
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    These days we are all hearing about colour therapy. Colour will have an impact on our health and sometimes the colour will help us to have peace of mind. When a person is sick, some people are advising to use a particular colour bulb in his room and they say it will improve the health of the person. That way colour is becoming more prominent these days in our life.
    Many people decide on the colour of the clothes based on their skin colour. Some people like strong colours and some people like light colours. Many people spend a lot of time selecting their clothes based on the colour of the cloth. Another aspect they will decide on the colour they want and start searching for that. But I see the colours available in the shop and go for the best among them. That will help us save a lot of time.
    When we wear strong colour clothes many people will stare at us as the colours are very striking. I never like wearing strong colours and I use light colours only.

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    Colours provide us a lot of relief if the same is of our choice. If you like green, you would like to have it on your walls painted in the same colour. Your shirt of the same colour will provide you peace. Blue colour, too, can create its own influence in many ways. But there is one thing that there might be variations in our choices. Your liking may not be the general likings. However, your dress must bear some aesthetic scenes and the same cannot be attained with the wearing of dark or striking coloured dresses. Colours of dresses should be such that it can suit your personality. Dresses must not be necessarily be costly ones but their colours should enhance our personality.

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    Each colour has its own wavelength and creates an impact on the onlookers. We choose the colour of our dresses according to our choices and not on the choices of others so I am unable to understand the point of struggling hard to keep people happy and get their acceptance. Why so much botheration about acceptance or approval of others when you are wearing the colour of your choice? Suppose in your friends' group if each one likes different colour how you plan to make them happy with the clothes you wear when you are in the group? The colour of the clothes we wear should depend on the occasion. I am sure you will not choose something glossy or a colourful dress when you are at your workplace. At that time, the colour must be soothing and not distracting. There the colour should have a positive impact so that others feel comfortable talking to you. Getting likes or appreciation from others on the clothes you wear seems like getting a number of likes on social media platforms which will not give you an encouraging result. Rather, just be yourself and be original. The mood depends on the wavelength of the colour so choose the colour that goes with your mood without distracting others.

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    We are affected and impacted by our five senses. Colour is an input to the sense of sight. Our faculties assess and interpret this input also and respond.
    Just as food is categorised widely as per their 'Guna', colours are also categorised as per their Guna- Rajo-Tamo-Satva. We are nowadays familiar and aware about painting our interior rooms and exterior walls as per their use. Colour of clothes also have similar influence in our mood and personality.

    Colours also have their appeal and effect in their combinations also. Certain colours may not be appealing if paired together.
    But colours have some traditional appeal and meaning. The colours in a flag are chosen as per the meaning and interpretation it gives. Generally white is known as symbol of peace, tranquility, innocence, cleanliness, openness and selfless service.
    However personal liking and preference can vary. Our preference for certain colours are based on our own perception and experience as well as the response and reaction of others.

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