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    Everything is range bound, nothing is 100% perfect

    Many people strive for perfection in their work or project. It is definitely a good thing because when we strive for the best then only we will be able to achieve good results and satisfied with that. At the same time it is not very correct to be a perfectionist and bother for so much meticulous results in our lives. The reason is very simple and is that everything in this world is having a range or tolerance limit so if our results are within that limit or within that range then we should be happy with it instead of going for the exact pointed result with 100% perfection. In fact 100% perfection is only a wishful thinking and is not a practical thing in our lives. It is always better and prudent if we aim our results in the range which is acceptable in the industry or in the workplace. What do the members opine about this?
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    In physics, we all studied Ideal gas. But in reality, no gas matches exactly with an ideal gas. There will be some differences. But they may be very near to ideal gas.
    The same is the case with all aspects of our lives. Getting 100% perfection is a very difficult task and we will never get it. Anything above 90% may be better. But this range will be different from person to person. I may feel happy 90% perfection and some others may expect 95%. The range depends on the skill of the individual and the type of task we have undertaken.
    We know we use various costly equipment for analysing various parameters of various items. There is some equipment available which are very costly. Even after spending that much money also there will be a limit on the accuracy of the results it gives.
    The work efficiency and accuracy will vary from time to time and from individual to individual. A concentrated and focused effort may give you the maximum possible perfection.

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    It is a good idea and thought to have the perfectionism in every work and that speaks about the volume of our intensity in the work and how it unfolded. I do not agree with the author that everything is range bound. When you read our Purana when Lord Vishnu in the guise of Vaman the little boy asked for donating the land from Bali Chakravarthy the later under estimated the size of the boy and immediately agreed and when the Vaman turned as the Vishwaroop Vishnu and started becoming big and growing, one step was on the entire universe, the other was on the Devlok and the last he put his leg on the Bali Chakravarthy to range the Bhulok. Here the range was fantastically explained and none could ever imagine the a over confident person can be silenced with such sort of actions which was spell bound and filled with actions.
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    I agree with the author. There is nothing wrong with being a perfectionist. However even after being a perfectionist one has to be aware of reality which mean they have to have realistic dreams and goals. By being a perfectionist they can ofcourse come close to getting perfect results, this will increase their efficiency but they should not be stuck into the idea that everything should be perfect because no, nothing can actually be perfect. Perfection is also impossible to achieve. One can strive to achieve it but to indulge himself so much into the idea that they lose anything that is not perfect is pathetic. Therefore having a idea of reality is very necessary and one should not run towards perfection cause that's not possible.
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    I totally agree with the author we should not running after perfectionism. We mostly set the limits of the result of our actions and when we achieve that limit then we feel satisfied in ourselves and in this way we also believe in perfection. When someone else gives us any project or work, it must be necessary to fulfill the criteria that have been decided by the person front one, and if we fulfill that criteria then only we expect perfection for the same work. So it is quite simple that here is nothing like perfection as author suggested

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