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    Don't forget that you are contributing to society.

    Whatever work we do, it must have some purpose, and every action has a result and that result has an effect which effect is visible on society as well. We should always keep in mind that we are an integral part of this society and our first effort should be that we contribute to society in a positive way. Although we all live our lives in a purposeful way, when we should try to benefit the society along with our interest, maybe a small initiative of ours will show its effect in the society with big hope. That is why by observing you're every act, move forward, and always remember that your every move is contributing to society.
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    When our democracy is based on, of the people, by the people and for the people , it clearly implies that every citizen bound to follow the set rules and that would either directly or indirectly benefit the society. The direct benefits we can do for the society are donating money, things, and even time for the well being of all and indirect contributions are our taxes by making so many purchases and thus we also contribute to the well being of society. In Telugu there is a saying, never ask what the society or the government has done to you, in fact you ask yourself as to what you have done to the society and government. Even when we become the officer bearer of a apartment or colony our responsibility increases as we are bound to work for the welfare of the association within the given parameters of rights and duties laid down therein.
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    We are also a part of this society. Whatever we do, good or bad, there will be an effect of our action on this society. We see many people throwing waste from their houses onto the road. That means they are contributing negatively to this society. Instead of that if they don't throw the waste on the road when they are travelling and if they keep the waste in a dustbin, they are contributing to this society positively. These small actions will have an immense effect on society.
    As human beings, we should think about the other human beings in our society and we should see that they will not get adversely affected by our actions. That itself can be considered as a great service they are doing. Not spoiling the environment is a great help we can do to this society. Plantation and not cutting trees also help this society a lot. We all should work positively for the welfare of society.

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    An important message by the author that must be kept in mind. Society consists of people like me and you only and somehow we all are related to each other directly or indirectly. Therefore, every act of an individual has an effect on society and we should strive to act in such a way that creates a progressive impact. A negative impact affects everyone in society and we should not let this happen. Any act of corruption negatively impacts society and if it goes unpunished it expands to a large section. Whatever we do has some impact and we should be cautious during every action we take.

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    Yes we all are make ng this society so when we contribute it, we actually contributing ourselves and our loved ones.

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    A good thought made by the author. It is very necessary that every individual in the society contributes towards the progress and development of it otherwise if it is left in the hands of a few people then society will never progress. Progress and development of a society is a collective matter. It has to be done as a group activity and not an individual activity.people give example of Japan in this connection that their even a child cares for the cleanliness and other thing and takes care of so many things like leaving the house immediately and going out on the ground if there is any small earthquake signal is received. So these things are actually groomed since the early childhood and it is a thing which we have to inculcate in our country also. Even if one citizen does something against the society that is sufficient to spoil the show and it will create a situation of anarchy and indiscipline. I will again repeat that making a society is a combined purpose and is the basic need of every person in the society.
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