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    When International society follows Krishna Consciousness

    While in India there may be non takers of Hinduism and Hindu Gods, but there is one God who has the acceptance of International society and a great consciousness has been developed paving the way for creating more followers for Lord Krishna and his teachings through Bhagawat Gita. Since the life of Krishna is coupled with enjoyment, ecstasy, wining good over the evil and finally showing the path of dharma, many international devotees are having the Gita in their hands daily and try to read the intricacies of Lord's preaching even in the day to day life. That is the wholesome consciousness.

    This is the entry to tow topic Consciousness
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    It is good that as usual Mohan has come out with his submission as the first entry for the topic based contest for the month of September 2021. Lord Krishna helped Pandavas to win the battle and did his best to reinstall Dharma in society. He taught Baghavat Gita to Arjuna and that has brought many inner aspects of life to all our knowledge. ISKCON is doing a lot of social services and helping the poor and needy. Because of ISKCON.
    Krishna Consciousness has been brought to the knowledge of many foreigners through this organisation and still, they do a lot of dharma prachara all over the world. A good thread from the author.

    always confident

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    I appreciate Mohan to have come presto with the TOW thread. He has knit the thread using the keyword in a special way.

    I had visited couple of ISKCON centres in India. I have admiration to the ISCON volunteers and monks who put in a lot of hard work and service in promoting Krishna Consciousness. It was from ISKCON that I bought my first copy of the full text of Bhagavat Gita.

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    The founder of ISKCON organisation Sri A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada was a renowned scholar and had done a lot of work on the teachings of Lord Krishna and had written and translated many Sanskrit books in Hindi. Unfortunately, he did not get any recognition in India but when he got an opportunity to go to the US and presented his work there then the people there took note of his massive studies and research work on Krishna and they were much influenced by his knowledge and they financially helped him to spread his knowledge among the masses and from that point onwards there was the phenomenal rise of the Krishna consciousness movement and today they are one of the biggest religious preaching organisations in the world.
    Knowledge is power.

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