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    Continued rain gives overall strain to households

    When the rain is continuous and does not give the respite all the through the day the task and challenge of overall strain for the households increases as they cannot keep their work time table in order. The washed clothes cannot be dried, and those who come from outside gets drenched and put the clothes for washing which is not possible. And the entry of rain waters into the balcony and kitchen need to be cleaned regularly and therefore the rains may be gift to farmers but for the households it is manifold strain and continued work.
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    Rains are essential. But untimely rains and cyclones may create problems for all of us. When there are no rains we will have drought and starve for food At the same time too much rain may spoil the environment. Sometimes these rains will spoil the crops also and farmers will lose heavily. So we need not think that farmers will always get benefitted from heavy rain Heavy rains will bring our lives to stand still. We don't have any way to go out also. Heavy rains with the heavy wind will create havoc and many people suffer.
    In both the Telugu states are under heavy rain and cyclone warnings are there. They say the rains will continue for 3 days. The municipal authorities are giving warnings to the people not to go out unnecessary and be in the house only. Gulab Cyclone is making the lives of the people shattered. The state of Andhra Pradesh is also seriously affected. As of now, Hyderabad is under high alert.

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    Rainy season is like that. It creates humidity and it is natural that household jobs would suffer especially those which require sunshine and clear days. But rains are very much essential for our water needs throughout the year and we all know that how the entity water is important for our lives. After the rainy seasons the housewives have a tough time in getting the things dried outside and then take them back and again store in a dry environment. Rainy season requires a lot of care and alertness also as many things are to be managed and done during this period for keeping the household on right track. The maximum load is of course on the ladies only.
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    The specialty of the planet we live on is that it is tilted on its axis by 23 and a half degrees and this is one of the main reasons for the change of weather. Change in weather is necessary for the existence of life, whether it is summer, cold or rain, all have importance in every form, not only for anyone class but for the whole world. As far as the problems caused by the changes in the weather are concerned, the main reason for this is the carelessness of human beings. Due to the tampering with nature, today there is a situation that one area is yearning for a drop of rain, while on the other hand people are troubled by continuous rain at some places. Rain is not only a boon for the farmers, but the current climate change is making it a curse, and sometimes the unseasonal rain also gives trouble to the farmers.

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