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    Google, you have grown up and turned 23!

    It's another year and another cap on its head! Yes, the birthday cap because today Google turned 23. This is the age at which a young one plans to join the workforce after completing a part of their education and do you know what Google is doing today at this age? Doing what it does the best - educating others. I wish to keep it simple and with lots of appreciation. When someone is searching for a topic on which you have posted an article recently I am sure the person is doing it through Google. It is the most popular search engine throughout the world and continuously Google is indexing pages based on various keywords and algorithms. Keep it up! You are at the top of anyone's mind whenever a question pops up and with time I am sure you will find new ways to respond to our queries. Happy Birthday, Google and keep guiding us!
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    Lots of wishes to google for its Happy Birthday. There is no doubt that Google remains an integral part of our lives, no internet searching is complete without Google or it can also be said that it is not possible. Google is the favorite search engine of most people, which has maintained its popularity for so many years. I think most of us spend a certain time with google in any way on daily basis, and I hope we will get much more interesting information from it in the future too. So with the birthday celebration, google keeps upgrading and keep updating us.

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    There are many search engines as well as platforms in the internet but when someone says Google it brings a name so familiar to us that we use it as a brand name for many things that we do using Google. Rising from a modest search engine platform today it has reached the apex position in the internet arena and the coverage and spread it has got is unparalleled and mind-boggling. There are so many things in Google that it would take a long time for us to use them and learn them. Last year when I needed some local address and location I used Google Map and I was really amazed by its potential and when I found more about it then I came to know that there are a large number of Google local guides who are updating this information free of cost and Google Map is becoming an authentic place to get information. It is really strange that even if a shop closes and a new is opened in its place, within a few days some local volunteer just updates it. This style of getting data from people on a collaborative basis is the uniqueness and briallance of Google only and it impressed me much. I join other members to wish many more such fulfilling years for Google in times to come.
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    Belated happy birthday wishes to Google. These days many people use the word Google in place of search. That has become a common name in society these days. In fact, Google has made our lives easy for many things. You can search for any subject and you can try to know through google on any topic. Starting from a high school boy up to a top executive of a big company, all use google for information gathering and knowing more about the subject they want.
    In fact, we need not even go to a library if we have internet and a laptop or computer in our house. Everything you can search through Google and get the knowledge. Google is serving the people in many ways. Google should continue its service for many more coming years. I think many of us will use google at leat once in a say for something or other.

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    Best wishes to Google and the team behind, giving us the opportunity to know everything by just asking Google and we get the precise answer and more. That goes the real challenge for the Google as it made itself ready to provide any information of anything across the globe in seconds. What more now the regional languages are being used to get the new words that are not available in English version. Over these 23 years Google has become the household name as we are trusting more information as it is supported by strict policy of authentic information. For the new person who visits any new place, Google is the only friend all through the day and the work gets over without engaging a third person and it also means that we cannot be fooled by others for non information. On this occasion we are all highly indebted to thank Google.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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