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    How will achieve cleanliness goals? If some man keep using footpaths as toilet.

    I know it is a very unusual topic to discuss and we rarely talk about it but everyone has seen disgusting sites of men taking a leak on the corners in various parts of India as if that place is their property.
    Have you seen big hoardings and boards around you showing slogans of "Swacchh Bharat" or "Clean India" but the most ironic thing that you will find near such big slogans on walls is a man taking a leak in an open area using such walls as a toilet.
    This is so common in India no one comment on it because talking to them or confronting them feels more like an embarrassment which they don't feel. When a government has placed so many public toilets free of cost and even if at places there is a cost it is very nominal around 5 or 10 Rs why then man use footpaths and walls. Why it is so hard for them to understand?
    Have you ever confronted such people, please provide your response especially male members have you ever confronted such a man?
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    This is the nagging problem in India as the public places are used as the toilets to ease out themselves and not realizing the non sense they are creating. When we enter the Chennai city, the tracks are filled with the nature calls and when the train stops for the signal, the passengers have to face the brunt of worst smell. Coming to the point of foot paths used as the toilets, unfortunately the so called free toilets are not maintained and even the paid toilets are worst and there is every chance of inviting new diseases. Therefore people felt free to use the other places. No government has ever understood the nature calls of the people as to how they would release the same when everything made paid and not reachable to the needy. The big complexes should provide toilets for the road users and that should be made compulsion when they are applying for the permissions.
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    Really it is a sad problem that most of the population of India are not realising how important the cleanliness is. They would rather use railway track or any convenient place of their choice to release their bowel pressure without realising the harm that they are doing for others. It is not that they are not aware of its ultimate bad effects. Whenever you drop from the station, a foul smell will emanate from the track and perhaps the same is the worst experience for most of us. People would not like to use the paid toilets because of its bad shape fearing that they would invite disease. This is a serious lapse of health issue and we should all be responsible for cleaning our environment with the adoption of healthy habits.

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    The author has narrated a situation which can only be called a hopeless situation but let us go in the background of this to understand why some people are behaving in such a indecent fashion. It is good to talk of cleanliness and keeping our country, our surroundings, and our premises clean and that is definitely a good thought. But until eradication of poverty takes place and the financial conditions of people improves it is very difficult to achieve those objectives of perfect cleanliness and disciplined behaviour by the citizens of a country. It is seen worldwide that when the education spreads in the masses and the financial conditions of the people improves and the governance of the government also improves and keeps a vigil and alertness on any citizen doing some wrong actions especially in civic matters, then the real objective of cleanliness is achieved. We are still halfway on the journey to achieve all those parameters which will bring complete cleanliness in our country.
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    It is a real problem in India. If you visit rural areas you will find many more such incidents. There are some people who use roadsides as their lavatories in rural India. The percentage has come down even in rural areas but still a lot of awareness if required.
    I was working in a factory and the factory is on about 200 acres of land near Hyderabad. There were sufficient toilets constructed for the officers and workers and were being maintained very nicely. But some workers used to go to the open area and once I observed and warned all of them not to repeat. But during night shifts some people used to use openlands. Then I took the matter very seriously and conducted a meeting for all the members and explained them. That has given a good impact and they stopped using open places for that purpose.
    In general I feel there is a very good improvement in the last 5 or 6 years., But still awareness among the people should be improved.

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    Reading the above comments I realised that most people believe it is the problem of poor people and lack of good toilets. But I have many men going outside just to save some bucks even when toilets are cleaner and you have to pay even when they can afford such laboratories. What do you think about such a man?
    And about the comment mentioning that it is the lack of cleanliness, but have you thought that no matter woman use public toilets because there is no other option even when they are pregnant and on periods. Not just because of cleanliness but safety purposes also so why such men can't follow the same?

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    Nowadays respective state Governments are taking steps to eradicate this bad steps of our people. The author's point is a valid one and it should however stopped, People only responsible for this bad practice and noway we can abuse or show our finger to Government. In those days my father, when he was in sanitary division of Madurai Municipality told us many persons including children were taken to the police station for public place as toilet. There was minimum number of toilets then but though plenty of facilities made by the Governments, it is intolerable and should be eradicated. Moreover the public toilets are kept polluted by dumping with papers, garbage, bottles etc., by our own public but expecting Government to clean. Here the problem is created by our own public both in using public places as toilets and polluting the toilets badly. Unless our people corrected themselves it can be corrected only by taking stick by police personnel.

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