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    Can the colorful food choices make our life more satisfied?

    What has been keenly observed that instead of taste, many people are giving the thought of having colorful food and its presentation matters most to them. For the talented people they prefer food which gives them strength and energy and for foodies and those love to eat good foods, they try variety of ranges and thus does not give credence to the taste but for the presentation and looks. How you choose your food varieties ? Is that based on the traditional servings at the home ? Or getting inspired the way new food varieties being churned out in the internet ?
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    Colours always attract us in whatever form they are. Colourful flowers or colourful clothes attract us, colourful rainbow is always a thing to see and admire, colourful painting is a source of visual satisfaction to us and it implies that colours always attract the human beings. So colourful food is not an exception and definitely attracts our taste buds.
    Many hotels and restaurants give emphasis on presentation of food in the best colours so that they can attract the customer and become a matter of delight for them.
    I have seen many time the street food vendors who put dark red colour in their dishes which becomes a great attraction for the street food lovers. Sometime these additives and colours are not good for our health but people don't bother and are simply attracted by the colours that these shopkeepers add to their dishes to attract the customers.
    We are in an era of digital marketing and every product owner of food items will like to show its items in colourful range in the media and that is why we are every time seeing the colourful dishes decorated and presented to us on our mobile screens.

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    Food is a necessity for our survival. Whatever difficulties we encounter and tasks we undertake are for having food only. Without food, we can't survive for a long time. There is a saying in Telugu that means that all the learnings we learn are for earning food for us only.
    Generally. aged people, these days will have a liking for traditional food. Of course, there may be some exemptions. But young people want to try modern food and different varieties of foods. I always like traditional food only. But my sons. daughters in law and granddaughters want new varieties of foods. They go for fried rice, Biryani, Pizza, and other varieties of foods. My favourite dishes are idly. dosa, curd rice, dal rice etc. But once in a while, I have no problem having those foods also. I am a fruit lover and any chance comes I will never miss that. But I never like junk food and food with more chillies.

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    The hotels decorate the items already prepared and that induce us to go for fresh one.
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    Colors always attract people in any manner and if they decorated your food it will surely increase your hunger level. There is no doubt that the presentation of the food plays an important role but at the same time, the quality of the food matters more. When we go to a restaurant or hotels etc. for food, they are in various food item options which are also delicious in nature and they are also made more and more colorful so that the customer sees the presentation along with eating the food. . Generally, families give importance to the nutritional value of food, but try to have a good presentation so that health and satisfaction can be kept together.

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    It's always good to be open minded in these matters. Food is a necessity as well as a hobby for many. Many also consume food for amusement and they are content with intake of various type of delicious or not delicacies. Colour is a very important part of food consumption. Many may say that a hungry man would eat anything irrespective of its appearance however it is always a delight to consume food that look appetizing. Therefore trying diffrent food, be it traditional or modern, of my own delicacy or different, it is important to be open to new things. Colour is indeed important. It is proven how the look of any food item makes it so much more edible. Not only children but adults are attracted to food that looks good even if they don't taste good they are tempt to taste it atleast. Therefore, yes I think colour and appearance of a food item is necessary for its intake.
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    It is obvious to get attracted by colors even by many especially by children. In our childhood period one angur bhoondhi (sweet bhoondhi made in different colors) was available in the sweet shops, I do not know whether it is available in present days but it was very fond in children. Similarly the sooji Halwa (Kesari) was made in two colors that is in orange by adding kesari powder and yellow by adding pineapple flavour colour. They in those days used permitted colors but later the traders misused this coloring with local colors which found danger to our health.
    During our childhood we read, 'Milk is a whole food' but now there is an alert to avoid milk as it is dangerous to health. It is wrong alert but the alert should be given as 'care in using milk as there are adulteration possibilities in the milk by its producers'.

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    Life has to be colourful. We make this by adding colours in every thing in our daily life. It starts from our clothes, home decoration, choosing our accessories and also in foods.
    Regarding food we may do it consciously by presentation or choosing the ingredients. Even in the familiar vegetables also we get a variety of colours. I making a balanced nutritious diet also this colour finds place. As each vegetable has different and varied nutrition significance, a proper combination of such different ingredients not only make food giving a pleasing and appealing look, but in nutrition also.
    Modern ways o cooking help us to cook foo without loosing colour and nutrition.

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