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    Have you ever met any of your virtual social media friends?

    With the advent of internet and technological advances in the mobile technology and other related fields, today people are spending a lot of time in the virtual world. We have friends in Facebook and other such places whom we have never met and only talk with them online. We do not know about their real worth and only believe what they project to us in that social media platform. Then it so happens that one of the members decides to call people for a physical tea party and invites all his Facebook friends who are available in the town to come and have a cup of tea and some little chit chat. After this physical meeting the validity of many members is confirmed and the virtual introduction becomes a real life situation. It is obvious that the dubious and doubtful members will not be attending such physical interactions because it will disclose their true identity. Have you got any experience of meeting your social media friends in some physical meetings? Or in some functions or gatherings? Please share your experiences.
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    So far I have not made up my mind for establishing friendships through the social media. May be I am having a little bit apprehension that the relationship would not go smoothly. Initially, it appears that it will be a fine idea to go ahead in that way. But we have seen many such relationships turned into sour later on due to cropping up some unfortunate incident. There are some people especially the ladies having lost money with such a relationship when her friend fraud in disguise demanded a large sum on pretext or the other and she obliged him with his demand. In such situations, complaining to such a cybercrime does not yield result.

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    One of my relatives who was staying in Hyderabad is very fond of meeting and spending time with friends and relatives. He was having many friends on Facebook. He once conducted a meet with his friends staying in Hyderabad. I attended that meeting. But none of the members gathered there are known to me except the host. I spent 2 or 3 hours and came back. He used to conduct the meetings in the cities whenever he goes to that place. He expired during first wave of Corona. He was aged 75 years at the time of his death. Otherwise I never met any of my friends on social media personally. I will be taking to Mohan once in a while on phone . We both stay nearby. But so far we never met each other. I have the interest of meeting the people but because of busy schedule during my years of service I could not meet many. I travelled a lot but no chance to have a meeting with social media friends.
    I think many people these are talk over phone and even meet also if there is any chance. I have seen many people chatting over phone with their social media friends.

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    Since I am active in Twitter, Whatsapp, there are new people keep contacting me and one such person was a astrologer who stays in Secunderabad. Once I had been to a temple in Secunderabad and there some people are talking with one person on astrological matters. And when I saw the person, and when he as addressed by the name, suddenly I realized that he is the same person whom I am in touch with social media and interactions were taking place. When I introduced myself, he was so happy to meet me and exchanged pleasantries and now he has become more close and keep exchanging horoscope matching for our relatives and friends and thus a special bonding has developed. So social media friends can also become real. Even through this ISC Dr Rao and myself keep talking on phone now and then.
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    It is true that in today's time a large section is busy with virtual friends even if they have never met them. I have many friends in the real world but not in the virtual world and so there is no question of meeting any virtual friend, But when we talk about ISC, I have connected many active members here but did not meet with anyone yet.

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