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    The timing between the rise to fame and falling to disgrace

    For that matter, even Individuals, professionals, celebrities, iconic legends do rise to fame in the shortest period thanks to the consistent patronage of their work and success. And those who rise to fame must be very careful that the position they owe was the total support of the public or followers to whom they are highly indebted. But one small bad step and degrading themselves through disgraceful acts would bring bad repute and even falling from the eyes of people. So if one becomes famous, they must keep the tempo of good conduct even at the cost of keeping quiet. What is your say on this?
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    Is it 'Discrace' or 'Disgrace'? I think it is a typo mistake and need correction. The author has to do the correction.
    Growing big is difficult. At the same time sustaining at the same position for a long time is also very difficult. One should be always cautious and work at their maximum capacity to retain the place.
    Especially in some fields like sports, movies, TVs etc., unless otherwise, you perform well, you can't stand. If you stop performing, you will definitely perish. We see many actors ruling their field for some time and later on, they will be forgotten by the audience. Only a few personalities will be remembered and respected for long.
    Fame will come to you after a struggle and doing many works which are remembered by many people. But any small work which is not up to the mark may change the entire situation. That is why people in power or big positions should always be alert.

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    It is a challenge to maintain the prestige gained, the fear of loss of prestige will happen only where there is prestige, where there is no prestige, there will be no fear, it is natural. Reputation is not achieved in one stroke, but for this, a person has to work hard and struggle, it does not take much time to lose the fame obtained after a long time, that's why a person stays after getting the reputation because a small wrong step may prove to be negative for them. But in today's mean world, many people because of having a feeling of jealousy look for such opportunities when they can harm the honor of the respected people.

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