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    Rent the products and requirements instead of owning it

    For those who are on constant transfers from one place to another, they are tied down from purchasing many things as they want to keep their total materials to minimum so that shifting to another place can take place with ease and lesser cost of transport. In some cities people are going for rented items and requirements, so that after the use for few years they would part with the same and paying rent monthly. By doing so unnecessary pile of products and material does not takes place and the maintenance of the same is also the burden of the product provider. What is your comments on this ?
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    That is true. When the people are in transferable jobs, if they have more luggage it is very difficult to shift the same. That is why it is better to take a furnished house for rent. In big cities. such houses may be available. My second son worked in Chennai for 2 years. He was in a PG before his marriage. After marriage, he took a two-bedroom portion near his office which is fully furnished. He was in that house for 6 months. After that, he joined another company and came to Hyderabad.
    Some rarely required items can be taken on rent as and when they are required. After using them, the same can be given back. Regular use items taking on rent may become costly. So we have to see those economics also. In Hyderabad in Hitech City, there are flats which are furnished well with almost all necessary items and the rents are also reasonable.

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    The author has given proper advice and I feel that people who do transfer regularly follow this strategy. Mostly it is right for them to rent salmon. But it is also true that some people are habitual to buy goods and simply go shopping without thinking, otherwise, there is a waste of money as well as damage to the goods in the transfer of the goods. have seen many government employees got transferred again and again that is why they have also provided flats or special needed things for their use.

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