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    Fake digital thermometers are on the rise in the market.

    A thermometer is an important device that people carry with them in every common family because it is the easiest and most important way to keep updated in fever. But these days as the number of diseases is increasing, so is the need of people and the demand for essential medical equipment is also increasing. Along with other items, the game of real and fake is also seen in medical equipment. But this is a serious problem because it is very necessary for a sick person to check the body temperature and this fake equipment is playing with the life of an innocent.
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    Standard mercury thermometers are the best for our regular use. They are very accurate. These digital thermometers are to be actually calibrated before we use them. There will be some correction factor always. These days we are seeing many contactless IR thermometers in the market. Actually, that is to be used very precisely. The distance between the object and the thermometer is also very important. These days we see any places people standing near the gate with a contactless thermometer and they call it temperature scanners. These persons were never trained properly to use these scanners.
    It is always better to purchase a standard thermometer for our personal use. There will not be any correction factor in these thermometers. We are getting many BP digital equipment also and people are purchasing them and keeping them in the houses. I don't know how accurate they are?

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    The author has raised a very important issue which is present around us and we must be aware of it and it is very necessary for keeping our self away from getting misled. When the technology advanced, many analog devices were being replaced by digital one by one and to some extent it was a very successful transformation. But our experience has shown that until and unless the digital device is manufactured by a reputed company which has a very high degree of quality control, the device may behave erratically. This is what is happening in the market today that many digital gadgets for measuring blood pressure, glucose level, temperature, etc are malfunctioning and misleading the people which is playing with their health. Now, we have to be very careful in buying these items from the market and choose the best one after checking it thoroughly.I think some National level agency should monitor and control this thing otherwise the market will be flooded with these defective gadgets and we all will be affected.
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    The author has raised a very burning issue regarding the fake components measuring our body temperature. Initially we have had the mercury thermometer to be used in measuring the temperature whenever there is some suspicion of elevation of temperature. Hicks brand has been very much reliable so far providing us accurate results. Of late, market is flooded with the digital devices for the detection of health disorders such as blood pressure, glucose level and temperature level. These equipments have been designed to provide you instantaneous results but the accuracy of the results is might be misleading. It is owing to emergence of a lot of digital products manufactured from the different companies and the results are influenced with the ways they have been designed. If the parameters while making this analog instruments are not followed religiously, we are sure to get erroneous results.
    However, we should always take care of procurement of such gadgets from the branded companies so as know real condition of the body.

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    Nowadays total marketing becoming 'fake' as everybody trying to earn money on the foolishness of the customers. In earlier period, educational level of people was less and the volume of cheating or marketing fake items was very less but nowadays when the people more educated the volume of cheating, marketing fake items also increasing in the same range. Not only thermometers but also in BP monitors, glucose testing instruments, the fake items increasing. People made confused by dumping varied brands in the same item. One is saying the other is poor. In 1950's a famous tooth paste manufacturer gave advertisements to use tooth paste from their charcoal powder / neem stick by saying they were not advisable to use. But recent years the same people introduce pastes with charcoal and neem. Hear it is well clear that we, the customers are made fools.

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    This is right that most of the area of the market is corrupted from duplicate and fake products that really affect customer trust, but when we talk about medical equipment, it becomes more important because this is actually a big crime while makers playing with others life by making duplicate products.

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    Make hay while the sun shines seems to be the mentality of some people who try duplicate method of making money and some companies know the knack of demand and thus goes for manufacturing spurious products not having the credentials or accuracy and thus we fall prey. The thermometers, the BP machine and even the oxy meters are duplicated and we do not know the real authenticity. The other day my friend made the random test of his sugar levels in the available kit with another friend. And everyone got astonished as it shows 540 as the reading and that is too much. Having worried next day he went to lab and tested for pre lunch and post lunch of the sugar test and it was in tolerable conditions. When questioned at the shop where it was purchased he said that the strips which were of expired dates would give high reading. That is astonishing?
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