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    The opposite or contradictory attitude of the brain

    When we talk about the human brain, the word memory comes automatically. The brain of different people has its own capacity to remember something and forget something. I don't know how many other people have faced this situation but I have noticed an opposing behavior of the brain in myself and in some people around me, in which when we think to remember something special, our brain forgets it. The same other side remembers again and again what we really want to forget. Why is this strange behavior shown by the brain and does it happen to everyone? Authors, please share your experience and science behind this behavior.
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    That is true. Certain things we want to remember and repeatedly think about that. But actually, when we need we can't remember the same thing. We have to struggle a lot to get the matter recollected. But certain matters which are no way useful now will come to our mind which were happened long back also come to our thoughts often,
    Probably the mind behaves differently. It may also have likes and dislikes. The matters which are not liked by our mind may go to waste bin easily. But matters which are liked by the mind will be stored in the memory. Taking the issues from the waste bin back may be difficult.
    The lesson we studied in our high school and primary school may be remembered for a long time. But we remember the fights we have with our friends and the movies we have seen by bunking the classes will be remembered. Maybe that is the attitude of human minds.

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    Our brain is the most developed computing system in the known universe. It has immense capabilities and abilities to remember and to decipher things. But it works on certain principles. First thing is the effect of repeating. If we do a thing repeatedly or direct our btrain so many times about it then brain remembers it. At the same time if something is very important but we don't repeat it then our brain doesn't get information about it multiple number of times then you we tend to forget it though it was very important matter. Another thing is the association of things for example if someone did a crime and was jailed once in his life then his brain will never forget that incident, its date etc because it was associated with a intended crime.
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    Our brain is very complicated part of us. It is also very important for us to function. It works in mysterious ways that we would never be aware of. What the author has mentioned is one of those mysteries that many of might never uncover. However in psychology there are certain theories that might explain such a typical pattern that our mind has entail. It might have something to do with our unconscious brain or the semi conscious. As we are aware our brain is divided into 3 sects. And when we try to remember something constantly trying to put emphasis on it, our brain react differently and it might vanish it out for other thoughts to follow apart for that. However when we want to forget something, it is our conscious that tries to push it into the unconscious but the unconscious part of our brain is very fragile therefore thoughts can sometimes overall come to the semi conscious and back and forth with the conscious which might create the situation author is talking about.
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