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    Are you more active religiously or socially?

    The continuity of life is going on continuously and we go in the flow of it without thinking that every single day is important because this day will not be available again. The elders say that in order to lead a good life, we should not only be engaged in indulgence, but should also work for religion and society. There is also a lot of awareness about this in the people, as people are moving towards spirituality, not only the elderly but also the youth are seeing dedication for spirituality. When we think about spirituality, two things come to the fore, first devotion and second service, both have their own importance. Devotion is related in a religious way and service is related in a social way. So which path in your opinion proves to be more appropriate, I like to work in social interest i.e. service is the path of spirituality and I am more active socially. If you were asked which one would you choose religious or social and why?
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    My childhood was spent in a very religious and social environment with occasional encounters with persons pursuing spiritual attainment. My father believed in saints and religious leaders and I also got exposed to them time to time whenever he took us with him. In spite of all that background through which I was grown up today I don't feel any inclination towards religion probably because of the fact that different groups are fighting with each other on the name of religion and quoting name of religion in their conflicts and fighting. I am right now only interested in group activities by people in the society for those actions and tasks which can develop a congenial environment and create a good habitat for all of us. If people gather for cleanliness drive for making a place in order or tree plantation or certain other activities of this type then I'd like to join those groups and those activities. I also understand and believe that the spiritual attainment or spiritual path is also a good thing for ones peace of mind and calmness but it doesn't help in the practical world much and that could be a reason that I am not much inclined in that direction also. Presently my focus is only collective group activity for progress and development of the society which could of course lead to the development of our country as a whole if more and more people join such activities.
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    I am doing neither of the two, I think. I am more active virtually these days. Not going out for serving society. Of course, I may be spending some time on spiritual matters daily I perform pooja daily in the house, I go to a temple once a week. On that day I will donate a little money to the poor people sitting near the temple. A little money is spent on performing pooja in the temple. More than this I have no other activity. The majority of my time is going on my laptop or with my grandchildren. Sometimes I read some books on religion and try to understand. I am reading religious books online only. I stopped going out for the last 18 months mainly due to the Corona issue. Maybe I may restart after some time once I get the confidence. Even I am not going out for walking also. I am doing my walking in the house only. My wife says I should spend more time on spiritual matters. But I am not able to concentrate more. Presently I may be spending 2 or 3 hours on this.
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    Every human is a spiritual being and his/her birth itself gained through spiritual only. It is told in the spiritual science that the birth and death cycle is of eighty four lac and out of the 84 the human birth is topmost through which only a human can attain moksha from which no rebirth is to be attained. The main motto of a living being is just to move to Paramatma without rebirth. The another birth to a human is only possible when his or her karmas get dissolved. For this a human should live his/her social life (which he cannot avoid) along with his/her spiritual activities through which only karmas can get dissolved. The spiritual path can be followed by a human through a Guru, spiritual leader, who should be a real guru that is without any expectation but guiding seekers.

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    My day begins with God at wee hours or at the Brahma Muhurtham time. That is I pray the God between 4 am to 5 am and that is the best time we can invoke the almighty interference and seek boons and blessings. It is said that during the early morning when everyone deep asleep and someone remembering the God would always be pleased and good things happen. Moreover early morning our mind would be fresh and agog with the tasks for the day and seeking God's intervention is the best beginning. And devoting time for socially is also important as many are depending on our intervention and feel happy to our presence. So we cannot forget both the religious and social responsibilities to us.
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    I would say the path may not be so important when you know about the destination. I am not active religiously because I still couldn't understand the reason behind a number of religions when every religion preaches the same thing. Is it really necessary to remain devoted to a religion? You may remain devoted to your own principles if you can strictly adhere to them. Spirituality is something related to understanding your mind completely without being influenced by other issues. It's the connection with our intelligence and mind and service to society has to be an integral part of our lives. If a person moves from one religious place to the other without offering any help to the needy I don't think we would call it a spiritual journey. I feel spirituality is a practice that is associated with all aspects of life. Understanding various aspects is required and our devotion should be to a cause and not to an object. As social beings, we all have a responsibility towards society and that is to look after the well being of society.

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