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    General Mathematics Puzzles-3: Fun for all

    I am posting these puzzles almost with a gap of 15 days and this is the third one in the series. The main idea is to entertain the students as well as members by solving fun puzzles in Mathematics. Let us go to the present one now.
    A train is having a length of 160 metres. It is running at a speed of 30 km per hour and is passing through a tunnel of 840 meter length. The puzzle is as how much time train will take from its just entering in the tunnel to completely coming out of it?
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    The total distance the train has to travel a total distance, (which is equivalent to the length of the train + Length of the tunnel) from its just entering the tunnel to completely coming out of it, is 840 + 160 = 1000 meters = 1Km.
    The speed of the train is 30Km/hour. So the train will take 2 minutes for completing its task.

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    Correct Dr Rao. In these types of problems generally people forget to count the length of the train and make mistake. I gave this puzzle to highlight that aspect.
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    These are the questions from basic mathematics that were taught in schools. Two trains that are travelling in the different direction and two trains that are travelling in the same direction problems were also solved those days. The calculation of relative speed is important in such problems. If the train has to cross an electric pole only the length of the train is considered. If the train has to cross a platform we have to consider the length of the platform and the length of the train too. These problems will come in time and speed & time and work.
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    A good question was posted by the author and thank you Dr. Rao for your quick response. These kinds of questions are often asked in competitive exams,s and students missed small points, and sometimes the answer is completely changed by it.

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