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    Do you think escaping a problem temporarily is a good coping mechanism?

    Different people have different coping and defence mechanisms. They differ because of their personality and mental ability. But everyone faces multiple problems in their lives and chooses different ways to solve or cope with them. Same try to solve it by finding the route of the problem and solving it to the best of their capabilities. Whereas some flee away which is another way of coping as well. There are plenty of reasons for it, maybe they are not mentally prepared or capable of facing the problem or they aren't aware of what a possible solution to the problem can be. Whatever it might be, they tend to run away and escape the problem for a while until they think they are ready to face it. Do you think it's a good coping mechanism or it is another way of incorporating more damage to what's already done?
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    A person always knows what is best for him or her but it is just a matter of listening to one's inner self whether we should stay in a situation or run away from it. It is the situation its level of impact on our lives and our reaction to it is to decide how we are going to deal with the problem. Similar to the analogy of sword and needles that they can't be interchangeable for work so are the problem we can't have a generalised mechanism to cope up with the problem at someplace all we need is needle at someplace we need a sword. There is a problem that requires grave attention and deeper understanding to solve it and there are others that can ve shelved to be solved letter.
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    I do not agree with the author that by running away or escaping from the problem would give the temporary respite but the fact remains that the problem still persists and that would give the midnight oil burning to solve the same. When the problem comes, it need to be sorted out and attended so that a feeling has been in our mind that we have initiated the damage control exercise and others are also watching our ability to get out of the situation. By escaping from the problem galore we are displaying one of the worst traits because when we get the results we are happy and share with others and when we get the bad challenge we tend to run away and that does not augur good character within us. Every problem comes with a solution and we should be trained to grab it and implement the same so that the problem is solved for ever.
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    Escaping from our present or from the present circumstances or from the present problems which we are facing is not a solution. It is only that we are avoiding them for the time being and when they will accumulate and become an avlanche type of thing then we will be in total disaster. Who doesn't get problems in life? Everyone gets them periodically as ups and downs in our lives are inevitable. The only solution for coping up with the problem is to calm down and understand the situation and consider all the pros and cons and also we have to do our homework before attempting to find an acceptable solution to the mitigation of those problems. It is said that people who work with concentration and focused efforts are able to find solutions more quickly than the others who are lazy and lethargic in doing their normal work. So in conclusion if we remain busy in our work and try to learn things in our lives than our capacity and capability to find solutions to the emerging problems will tremendously increase and we will be able to solve them easily and will not need the escape route to avoid them.
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    Escaping from the problem temporarily is not a wise thing. It is always better to solve the problems when they are in the initial stages themselves. If we try to escape from the same for the time being, the problem may become very big and it will become difficult for you to solve it.
    Sometimes when we have multiple problems, we may ignore small problems. But we should also keep a watch on them so that they will not become uncontrollable afterwards and go out of our hands. If you are not able to eliminate the problem at the budding stage, you can't eliminate the same when it becomes very big.
    When we go to a doctor with three or four complaints, the doctor may try to find out a common reason for the problems and try to solve them. In the same way, we should also think about all the problems and make a plan to overcome all the issues.

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