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    Training children in household works

    Many medias imposes that the children should be given training in household works. It is agreeable totally but with the following cautions.
    1. They should not asked to switch on or off the electric items
    2. They should not allowed to go near the Gas stove or boiling oils etc.,
    3. To the possible extent they should not asked to go to the shops alone or frequently as the possibility of abduction is there
    4. They should never allowed to handle bulk cash
    5. They, either boy or girl, should not allowed to to shop by motorized two wheeler vehicles
    6. Children under age of 18 should never allowed to use motorized two or four wheeler vehicles - as many parents asked them to drop at the bus stop when the parents are going for job or outside.
    7. Allowing children to sit with family members and guests but many children dumped themselves into the room with mobile or TV when the guests are coming to the house; in some times parents themselves dumped them into the rooms by asking them to watch mobiles or TV or computer
    Alternatively they can get trained in
    1. Inviting guests when they are coming to our house
    2. Offering water to the guests by themselves
    3. Asking them to give the coffee or snacks to the guests and other family members so as to encourage them in handling items with care and without spilling.
    4. When the guests are moving out from the house after visiting, asking the children to say thank you or bye.
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    I agree with the post that children should be taught all the basic household works and duty but here I would like to add a thing that these should be done without any gender bias and both girls and boys should be taught these things, not as a gender role. In general, what we see is these roles are expected from girls only because they have to go into some other house one day and have to do all the work. This should not be the case but household work should be taught as basic work to survive alone in any situation without associating them with gender.
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    The author has given some important suggestions as we have invariably seen some parents giving access to children to switch on the electric items including the gas and that is very risky because the children does not know the safety measures and for them it is fun to fiddle with the things. Even fetching some urgent items for the house seems to be risky these days as the parents are fearing for the safety of the children. While most of the suggestions made by the author is good and should be implemented, but children must be exposed to the use of daily life and they should be advised to keenly observe everything what the parent does and then give them the responsibility of doing things even handling cash. One thing is sure, children are sure enough to learn on their own, and what they need is the freedom and right feed to learn many things.
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    the author has brought up a very interesting topic for discussion. I remember that during our childhood our parents involved us in so many things in the household that we never got chance to escape out and wander outside with our friends. We were given only a limited time to go out and play and then come back in time to house. Today I feel that it was the correct thing they were doing and what we learnt during that childhood phase is still useful in our lives. I also very vividly remember that though they were asking us to do a lot of things in the house and around but wherever there was a risk or there was a safety involved they used to present themselves there or did that part of the job themselves. Today I stringly believe that we have to bring that system in our households and bring back our children from the isolation in which they are sitting in a separate place with the mobile in their hands and not involved in any household activity or are behaving indifferently with us.
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    I feel before training the children in the household works, we should tell them all dos and don'ts. We should have the patience to make them understand what we are telling them. We should explain to them why they should not only do certain works so that they will understand them properly.
    I agree with the author that certain works should never be entrusted to children as chances of unwanted incidents are more if we entrust them to such risky things. A very important thing one should follow is under no circumstances we should allow them to drive a motorcycle. I have seen many children who are under 18 driving a scooter.
    All the points mentioned by the author are very valid and should follow points only. These days we see even small kids also playing with a cell while their parents are busy with their work. This is a very bad habit and no one should encourage it.

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    A very nice post from the author. When we talk about household work most people understand them just some works like cleaning, mopping, washing clothes, helping in the kitchen, etc but actually handling household work is not just limited up to some specific work but it is a way to handling works of your house as per the situations. I have seen many children who spend some time with their household works but this time is fixed by themselves and when they are playing or watching movies or mobile they do not disturb themselves. So it is important to teach the children that they should manage or handle the household work on every situation, like when there is some guest at home or when there is any occasion in the family. A priority-making system is more important for them.

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