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This thread is the winner of a special prize in the topic-based TOW contest for the month of Sept '21 on the topic Consciousness.
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    Do things with full wisdom and consciousness

    When thought, word, and deed go hand in hand, life progresses easily. We have knowledge, not consciousness. We have intelligence but no wisdom. We need thought, word, and deed that emanate from correct knowledge and clear consciousness. Or we may not reach our intended goal. If two horses pull a cart in the opposite direction, it will not get anywhere. But, if both horses pulled the cart in the same direction, they can reach the goal faster. Likewise, when our thoughts, words, and deeds are in the same direction, life progresses easier. As long as our consciousness does not wake up, we will not be able to take full advantage of the opportunities available to us. If we act without thinking, will fall into mistakes. The five elements must be necessary if anything is to be done with full consciousness. One is the wisdom of what he is doing, two is the ability to recognize virtue and non-virtue, three is a calm mind, four is complete attention, and five is the indifference to see ourselves and our work from our own point of view. When these five factors come together we can do anything best. That is what our endeavor should be for.

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    The author has well connected the tow topic with a good advice that we must attempt the works with full wisdom and consciousness. Unfortunately in many of us the education is full and even growing but we failed to draw the wisdom from the education as to what is good, what is bad, when to do what, why it must be done. All these questions must be asked before doing anything and we must be alert enough as the opportunities galore start coming our way and if we fail to grab the same that is the foolish behavior of all times. No one is going to give the guidance and advise for us, as we are alone responsible for life and progress and there fore living with consciousness and doing the things differently than others should be our concept as we should not be branded as the copy masters or aping others for everything and new projections.
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    Humans are the preferred lot in the sense that they have been provided a very high level of consciousness by the nature. No other living being is bestowed with such honours and that is the reason why humans today have progressed so much on this planet. When Nature has provided us so much intelligence, knowledge, ability to learn, capability to work, and so many other strengths then it makes sense to do our jobs or tasks with our consciousness always guiding us in the background. Ignoring our consciousness or not taking it in account will always lead to disastrous results of our actions and works done in whatever best possible manners we thought that we had performed them.
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    We think something, talk about a different thing and finally do another thing. This practice will never give us progress. You think what is correct, talk about the same thing and do the same thing. That will take you to heights. This is a fact.
    Some people will never spell out what is there in their minds. That is OK. But they give an impression to all others that they are going to act in a way. But they do it in an entirely different way. They think if they spell out what they have in their mind others may copy the same. So by telling some think differently they will divert the minds of the people. This type of behaviour we see more in business in between competitors.

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    Consciousness is a gift to which we must keep ourselves alert. When we listen or read the nectar words given by our saints, then once what is explained by them is this consciousness, living life with consciousness is to enjoy life properly. When a person is conscious of his every moment, then he is able to feel every response. Whatever work we take in our hands or big but our consciousness should be fully devoted towards it, then the result is according to us. We should use our intelligence and resources according to but also be aware of the consciousness towards the work.

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