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    Why can't Indian serials be a little realistic and promote good things?

    Indian TV serials, if you watch them closely, often end up being the biggest perpetrators of patriarchy and all that is wrong with our society. We don't find anything worthy in these serials that will take us towards a better society or at least try to show the real picture of society. Mostly, the stories revolve around a woman who is expected to be a superhuman doing everything and sacrificing everything a goddess-like figure who is the epitome of sacrifice. They propagate completely wrong imagery of how a woman should live her life which can't be a simple normal life with humanly pleasures and pains. And they also show wickedness at their heights in the shows to the extent you will feel that everything around you is a conspiracy. The problem is that the consumers of this kind of content are so large that serials keep making sequels and degrading the stories. Even if a series starts with a good objective it ends up becoming something else.

    Whereas if you watch Pakistani, Turkish, and Korean dramas, they are more realistic or at least end up in a certain time without elongating it.

    What is your opinion about Indian serials? Have you ever been an addict or a fan of such a series? Or is it that you prefer series of any other country like me?
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    Irrespective of language all serials telecast in Televisions are one and same, nowadays. They are out of the logic of realistic totally. In every serial villain or cunning persons are in the same house and doing all evils to the hero and heroine and their persons. This is good according to the motto of serial makers, that is to drain money, drag the number of episodes. But the logic behind the serial is hitting somewhere and many viewers got frustrated. In one Tamil serial they dragged the home function which is half a day function to a weeks' episode. In the same serial, a death of one character dragged to a week full of episode, that too in the name of realistic, they are crying continuously and it is tragedy to see that in normal house.

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    It is really unfortunate that our serial makers stick to some set themes and patterns and do not come out from that mindset and produce the old type stories and family drama which people have actually fed up seeing umpteen number of times. I would not say that there is a bankruptcy of ideas but probably they do not want to take risk with the Indian audience where may people like that type of themes only and may not be able to appreciate the new ideas and presentations. So, our TV serial producers are more concerned for their business and less for introducing new themes and stories. I have seen some of the foreign serials which are so different from the usual stuff that we have to admire their creators and producers. Of course in foreign countries also there are typed serials related to school/campus/sports life or marriage and divorce themes or horror stories of same kind but in between they also produce some novel serials which give a relief to the viewers. We in India are far from that culture and it would take time for the serial producers to switch to that mode.
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    TV serials are the real culprits who are spoiling many people and thus spoiling society. I never had the habit of watching a TV serial. I have watched only 2 TV serials so far. They are Ramayan and Mahabharat only. Luckily, in my house, no member has the habit of watching these serials.
    Mainly TV serials will target the lady audience. I have seen many people who got addicted to watching these serials. I know a family where wife and husband only stay and they are senior citizens. If by any chance if they happen to be in different places for a day or two, both of them will discuss the story of that day in the serial they watch.
    The producers should change their attitude and produce serials which will give some awareness to the audience about the importance of environment protection and safeguarding nature etc. TV serials should promote ethics and values in life so that the viewers will understand these issues in a better way.

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    Good topic initiated by the author. Invariably the quality of the serials has decreased a lot and it seems the producers and directors are running out of themes and stories as they are banking on sentimental outcome by showing negative impact and that is causing unnecessary blood pressure to the house holds who watch every serial. Most of the Tamil serials are surrounded with conspiracy as to how to outsmart others. Especially how to abort the child that is be being conceived after long time ? How to take revenge on others to make them physical injuries and in fact many serials are making us to learn more wrong things and plan more unlawful things. Why there is no censor for the serials as the contents shown are highly objectionable and yet they put a rider that story, story line and characters does not mean nor targeted to anyone.
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