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    Taking too many tasks at the same time affect our productivity

    There are some people who are very intelligent and hard working and capable of doing many things dextrously in their lives. They are, many times, successful also in their endeavours. But some of these people are very fast in their thinking process for planning a job and it so happens that they find something more important and interesting and leave the things in hand incomplete and jump in the new task. By doing this they try to take up many things at a time but as is said that there is a limit to the functioning of the human mind and abilities so they also fail at some point and then they are not able to do justice to the jobs in hands and all the tasks are affected and not a single job is completed in time as well as the quality also suffers. So, it is better to concentrate in a few jobs at a time within the capacity of overall calibre and then take up other jobs sequentially. What the members think about this?
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    Multi task ability is a good one to any human but at the same time, we should give priority base to any task we are going to meet. A house wife can do many things in the house to keep the home with pleasure. She is a multi task personality. For this if she is cleaning the cloths, house rooms etc., in the morning hours, without cooking breakfast and lunch for her husband and children, her entire task becoming waste.

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    The author is right to some extend, sometimes it depends from person to person as well as in some cases priority of tasks and processes, es, etc. also have a role. There are some tasks that can be completed in a small way with a big task but not every task is like this, some tasks require complete concentration and perseverance, and if with such tasks the person takes any other task. Wants to walk, either his ability and intelligence should be of that level or his strategy should be made in such a way that it can be easily managed, otherwise the person will increase the complications.

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    While there has been tendency to improve the performance by some as they accept multi tasks willfully and thus puts themselves into quandary if the time was insufficient and the task suffers from getting over and they fume at the system and others who are connected to it. For every task there is a procedure, time limited and timely action which needs to be given credence and if any deviation may not allow the task to be completed and not knowing this intricacies some attempt multi tasking as if they are well versed in every detail. And multi tasking is always associated with the past follow ups and if that was pending, then the very work gets disturbed giving rise to series of setbacks and no come back. Not that they are incapable, but the way the jobs are left unattended and not completed fully, would gives rise to fresh demand of time and attention.
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    Some people will have higher intelligence and skills. The calibre of the people will differ. One has to see his ability and take up the works proportionate to his capacity. One should decide what is his/her capability and based on that only one should take up multi-tasking. Definitely, our concentration will come down when we attempt more works at a time. We should plan properly our works before we start so that one work will not suffer when we are working on the other. Sometimes we may not be able to postpone a task as we are doing some other task. In such a case, we should be forced to attempt both. We should be more alert in such conditions and see that the works will not go out of our control. A lady in a kitchen will do multi-tasking and she can do justice to all those works. But we can't do the same level of work in the kitchen even though we have sufficient experience in cooking. So we have to know our limitations and accordingly, we should decide what to do and when to do it.
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