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    An important message to the persons above sixty years of age- Keep your mobiles open

    Nowadays almost everyone has mobile phones with them and they spend time on Facebook, WhatsApp etc. which is good because it keeps them engaged and connected. At the same time, almost everyone maintains some privacy in handling mobiles by keeping their mobiles locked with passwords, fingerprints, face views etc.

    I went shopping yesterday and an old man came to the ration shop nearby to fetch his monthly ration. While waiting for his turn, he suddenly became unconscious and fell down due to some health issues. The persons nearby tried to locate some family names or numbers over his mobile but could not do so because it was locked. Everyone panicked but quickly send the person in an ambulance to the nearest private hospital. Fortunately, his daughter in law came there in search of him and was told about the incident by the ration shop staff and they went to the hospital at once. By God's grace, he was alright at that time.

    So my advice here to all persons above 60 years of age or are having some health issues is that they should not keep their mobiles locked, at least when they go out. They should also make it a point to share the password etc with someone at home so that they can open the mobiles in case of some emergency. As many elderly people are staying alone nowadays, it would be better if they keep their mobiles open.

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    The author's advice is not wrong, but at present, if we even the elderly who are more than 60 years of age, we will find they also carry only android phones, which contain not only contact details but also bank details, messages, images, and much other necessary information, so don't keep the locks not right very much. I don't feel it right.

    But the concern expressed by the author is also worrying because it has been found many times when there is a need to contact the family after the sudden incidence of accidents. I think for such situations, people should carry a small diary or a simple keypad phone with them, in which some important contact numbers or a home address, etc. So that when others want to help you in an emergency it will be easy for them.

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    Nice observation from the author and it is very correct. It is not advisable to go alone unless otherwise, it is very essential. Another thing is one should keep a paper or a visiting card on which the phone number of the person who can be contacted in case of emergency. That will help the people around him to give information to the concerned in case of any emergency. The suggestion given by the author is good and there is no necessity of locking the phone when there is no confidential information in the phone. I know a person who is about 65 years old who always keeps his son's visiting card in his pocket.
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    This is a good suggestion by the author. The elderly people should not keep any important financial or other data in the phones and only use it for the purpose of communication. In that case there is no need to put screen lock in the phone and anybody who wants to help them can use it to phone to the family members in their house as per the contact details in the phone. It is imperative that elderly people should write their family phone numbers very clearly under contacts by writing my family, my house, or some other words so that a new user of that phone can easily make out that the number where he has to phone for intimating any problem which is elderly person is facing while outside his house.
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