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    A great attraction towards this unique relationship.

    ISC is indeed such a portal that people cannot easily forget. Members who remain a part of it for a long time and if for some reason they are away for some time then they definitely come back. I have joined here before a year ago but in the meantime, I have found many old senior writers with rejoining which shows that whether we all are busy with our other personal or professional responsibilities or jobs, etc in our life, but ISC is made up of relationships with its members and is also important which will probably remain like this forever. With the support of all the writers and editors, webmasters this ISC family has become a unique bond with each other.
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    True. Many times people go out because of their busy schedule but they will come back as soon as they get some time to spend here. This site is very well maintained by the webmaster and the editors and administrative staff are supporting him to see that the site will be always doing well.
    A good place to learn many new things. That is the reason many people come back as soon as possible. Members of this site will develop a strong bond with the site and that bond can't be broken easily. Even though they are not regular touch the members wants to be in touch with the site in one way or other I think.

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    It is the fact that those who are seniors and joined long back and discontinued for their personal reasons or health setbacks are coming back and re-joining us and that proves that ISC has become integral part of our life as we share our views, matters and also get to know many things as the developments unfold in the country and abroad. ISC has once again proved that the bonding cannot be cut and it has to carry on no matter with some staggering breaks now and then. One more thing those who have joined here have already created their permanent membership and they need not log in again with new new and thus the old level and position would continued and of course one has to regain the same with extra work per day. And I hope many would rejoin this site soon as they left on their own for one reason or other.
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    I have a wonderful experience with my stint in ISC. I have enjoyed the different ideas and feelings of the existing members. At least by going through such emotions and sharing, I get a lot of stimulations. I think everyone of us have the similar experience of rejuvenation of our energies. It is heartening to note that many senior members contributing actively to the different forums are rejoining after a long gap due to some reason or the other.

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    The observation of the author is very true. ISC is a place where members make bonding with each other and miss the outgoing members and welcome the incoming ones. When we work in a site then sometimes we feel in alien environment and though we contribute there but we don't have a belonging to that place. In case of ISC, there are so many common activities coordinated through the forum section and the contests that the members directly come in contact with each other and interchange views and ideas on a common platform. That creates a feeling of belongingness to a group and if a single member of the group is absent then his absence is noticed conspicuously by all the members. That is the edge that ISC is having as compared to other sites.
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    Yes, nice expression of the author through this threat. We all have some weaknesses in our lives, no one likes to tells our weaknesses to anyone. Inners-strength seeks to take the place of that weakness, and the place of its manifestation we see from ancient times through various writings. They had their own diaries or magazines. Today's media is a great place or platform for that writing. So this kind of media is very significant to all those ordinary people. The words of one's own mind or the feelings of good and evil are expressed through all such media. And all these media give the opportunity to share it with everyone. The ISC channel is therefore a favorite place for everyone. So when all the members have time, they contribute something to the channel through which they express themselves.
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