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    After work from home, four days a week work gaining momentum

    Many companies which gone for the work from home concept has immensely benefited as they could get the task done as the employees are working overtime and the commuting time to office has been dedicated to the completion of task in hand. Having seen this wonderful progress, some companies are now offering four days a week concept so that employees gets wholesome three days rest and that would get rid of stress, change their mind and come back to work again from Monday. Are you ready to accept the new concept of work which would be certainly with extended working hours?
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    As of now, 48 hours in a week are the working hours. If it is a 6 day week, every day 8 hours working. If it is a 5 day week, the working hours are nine and half hours. If it is to be made 4 day week without any loss in working hours per week, one has to work for 12 hours every day in all the 4 working days. Is it not very difficult? Can we concentrate on work if we are there in the office for 12 hours? Once in a while staying for additional hours is something different. But all the working days are for 12 hours work means. the employee will get extra strained and he may not be able to give a good output.
    There should be a reduction in the overall working hours per week. Then only we can welcome 4 days a week. Otherwise, employees may not be able to work continuously. If there is no change in the total working hours, I never prefer a 4 day week.

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    This is a good step and I hope most of the employees are going to be happy with it. Both the company and the employees benefit from such a system, especially those employees who have to look after most of the responsibilities of the office as well as the home. Although some employees are not very satisfied with the work from home which has different reasons, sometimes due to excessive work, sometimes internet connectivity problem or lack of working environment at home. In such a situation, people like to work while staying in the office and also miss the office.

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    If the employees agree to the concept of four-days a week work routine as mentioned in the thread, then many companies may go for it but when you are in the office working for extended hours may not be very pleasant. It is true that when one is working from home there is no specific time for work and often the work continues for really long hours and in that case employees may find such work schedule of 4-days a week quite comfortable. Now after some time, the effect will be understood by measuring the stress levels of the employees based on certain parameters. If it is beneficial then it can be implemented widely.

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    In those companies or organisations where jobs can also be done by the employees online there is no problem of adopting to 4 days week. But other organisations where it is not possible and the employees have to come to office then it will be difficult for these companies to go for 4 days week. In such organisations even 5 days a week is also not the preferred option as the management of those companies still remember the good old times when employees attended office for 6 days in a week.
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