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    Do not lose your consciousness under any circumstances.

    When we get human life, God sends us to this world with the ability to think, the power to understand, and the ability to handle ourselves in a conscious form, but man does not use them properly and many times does not take care of himself and loses his consciousness according to the circumstances.

    When we lack something in our life then we want to get it and at that time only one thing becomes most important for us, it can be any needful thing, any person, or anything else. We feel at that time that after getting this, our life will be happy, but it really not happens because after some time both the demand and the desire start changing.

    The thing which we sincerely want to get may seem like God to us for some time but we forget that it is just a need that is never to end and in vain we find ourselves in constant pain for these needs. When a man gives his need the form of God, then there is more fear of losing his consciousness. If we look like this, we will find that food would be God for hunger person, water for the thirsty, or money for the beggar.

    But these are all the necessities of living life, if you really want to get them then you should keep yourself in a conscious state. Sorrow, happiness, scarcity, excess, poverty, prosperity, meet someone or separation, etc. keep happening in life, but a person with consciousness knows how to handle every situation, that is why never lose your consciousness.

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    The author has well connected the tow topic to the human behavior and my thoughts went to a viral video which I saw yesterday wherein a senior person who is on cycle has drunk to the brim and trying to lift the cycle and showing all sorts of drama as he was about to fall with cycle but again regain the consciousness that he is doing wrong. May be the drunkards behave differently and this one was under the full display of moving public and everyone was recording his dancing moments with cycle and thus making rounds on the internet. What I mean to say that we must be conscious enough in all circumstances and probably having defeated in the life and nothing happening as planned, people are resorting to drinking and that gives the bad impression and the person is branded as drunkard and no one gives credence.
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    We may have many wishes and desires. As human beings, we will try to see that all these will be fulfilled. But we should never forget that we are human beings. We should do whatever we do with consciousness only. We should not go on the wrong track to fulfil our desires. We may have to face different situations in our lifetime and we should not lose our heart in facing them and we should pull on without compromising on any values and morals. Then only we can say we are conscious of our deeds.
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    We are really very lucky that God has given us such a high level of consciousness which we can definitely use for controlling our thinking and actions in our lives. In general, human beings will always be conscious about their actions and other activities which they take for themselves or for the society around them. But sometimes mind plays games in very different ways and we overlook our consciousness and do something based on our greed and lust. That is where we depart from the normal course and fall in the pit of sins. Some people might be gaining financial or materialistic things in that process but what is the use of getting something in return of our lost consciousness. I would prefer to keep my consciousness alive in all the situation in my life and take decisions and actions based on the directions which I get from it and that will be very lovely and beautiful situation bringing me peace and happiness in my life.
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    Enjoyment of life is possible if we are fully conscious of what is happening around us we are in a position to behave rationally in every situation in most of the circumstances but our mood may be erratic sometimes due to angry state. In such a situation, the decision may not be perfect needing some corrections. So long we remain alive, almighty God is king enough to bestow us this quality of decision making. We are grateful to Him for offering us exceptional abilities to adjust ourselves in the decision making process depending upon the circumstances.
    Thinking is a continuous process and our thought process is always logical. It happens sometimes that we bypass the earlier decision and take decision for our own benefits surpassing the earlier ones in the greedy state.

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