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    Please take care of your heart

    We all know the heart is an important organ in our body that supplies blood to the entire body after purification. But many people never care for the health of the heart. Every year across the globe about 170 lakh people die due to cardiovascular diseases (CVD).

    One should know is that CVDs are mainly due to the habits of the individuals and can be prevented easily by a balanced lifestyle. The deaths due to heart attack or coronary heart disease are more in poor or underdeveloped countries. The main reasons for these deaths are smoking, not having a proper diet and not having any physical exercise to the body. If we can take care of these three issues, we can avoid the risk of having a heart attack.

    As a responsible citizen of this country, I feel it is our duty to spread the reasons for heart problems among the public so that they will get awareness.
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    It is the fact that most of the people across the world are affected and died in the past and present due to heart diseases and it is also the fact that the Indians have the habit of going to last minute action when a person gets heart attack. Actually when the symptoms are realized, it is better to take the advise of professional or family doctors to maintain the healthy heart. Instead people wait for bad things to happen and later take on to the damage control exercise and by that time the heart gone more weak and would not respond to the treatment and the patient has to die even after spending more. When the government hospitals are equipped with best things to tackle this disease, people go for private hospitals and keeps spending. My mother took government doctor advise and she survived for 29 years after first attack.
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    Heart is one of the most important part of our body and most strange thing about heart is that it works 24/7. It is continuously pumping the blood to all the organs of body and it is really mind boggling to understand how the heart is able to work continuously like that. The heart pumps blood to all the parts of the body where it is utilised by the body cells and then the used blood is returned back to the heart from where it is sent to the lungs where it is cleaned and re oxygenated and then returned to the heart from where it is again sent to the body parts. This is a cycle with goes on continuously in our body and is important for our survival.
    Whenever there is a problem in the heart by feeling pain in the chest or any other symptoms then it is better to get it checked by the doctor so that some remedial actions can be taken before hand. Now a days in most of the cases the heart problems are cured by angioplastic methods by inserting a thin wire in the arteries and cleaning them or if required insert some stent in the places where the arteries are clogged and creating heart problems.

    Knowledge is power.

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    The heart is an important organ of our body that function 24/7 hours. Everything takes a rest for a while in this world but the heart is the only thing that runs continuously. So, it needs proper care. Nowadays, very few people are health conscious and care for every part of the body. Most of people have no time to take care of their health. Today's hectic life made us physically unhealthy. That's why people are suffering from health-related problems since an early age. It is often said that heart-related problem happens after 50 years of age but today, it is happening to below 40 years because of an unhealthy lifestyle. So, we should take care of our hearts from an early age.

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    A good thread is posted by the author, about an important part of our body that is the heart. Although all organs have their own importance and value and we should take care of all of them but the heart is an organ that affects other organs too. To keep it healthy one must have followed a healthy diet, as an excess of fat and cholesterol can be a big reason for any heart disease that is why people should avoid such unhealthy food. Apart from that, one must have to go for a routine check-up from time to time after a certain age.

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