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This thread is the winner of a special prize in the topic-based TOW contest for the month of Sept '21 on the topic Consciousness.
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    Consciousness together with conscience is a complementary pair

    The Hungarian-American psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi has rightly said: "Control of consciousness determines the quality of life." It is true undoubtedly. Every moment people come across different situations when each person reacts according to their consciousness. Thus, an action of a person reflects the kind of awareness one has, which can either be right or wrong.

    In society, people talk about their entitlements such as the right to education, vote, marriage, medical, education, property and many more. Contrarily with rights come some responsibilities too. Many citizens love to raise their voice for their rights side by side abusing rights is also prevalent. Consciousness is used by many only to gain personal benefit, and they remain least bothered about others that reflects their lack of conscience. Let us consider marital rape, booth capturing during the elections, child labour by ignoring child rights, ignoring medical assistance to the weaker section of the society, taking bribes by indulging in malpractice, and many other corrupt acts show the lack of conscience.

    Thus, consciousness is good when used with conscience, or else it will ruin an individual, a family, society, country, world and universe altogether. Knowing about personal rights and understanding different situations is not everything. One must know how to utilise the privileges and perform in diverse conditions without abusing conscience, and automatically it will upgrade consciousness.

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    The author has well connected the tow topic with that of consciousness complementing the conscience as both had to coexist for the best output of the person performance wise. It is fact that we are bombarded with challenges in life everyday and the way we react to each situation is based on how we take the matters according to our conscience at that time. And how the conscience is developed inside a person is through the personal traits developed since the childhood as deciding on what to be done and when is the great action that has to be decided when a person uses the sense and behave accordingly. Invariably people get into the suggestions of others and forget to use their own conscience in the matter and thereby getting into trouble and later repenting Therefore ask your conscience before deciding anything.
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    Consciousness is developed to a very good extent in the human beings and it should be used in a positive way so that society as well as the individual can be benefited by it. Because of the enhanced mental levels the human beings can think and ponder about various things in their lives in a proper and controlled way if they really like to do so. Our consciousness becomes a useless thing for the society if we are going to use it for selfish motives or for achieving only our interests. Our ancient Saints and scholars knew this very perfectly and taught the people that they should always be kind hearted and helpful to the other people because they have a position to do that using their good financial position and intelligence bestowed on them by the nature. Positive use of consciousness is very necessary for development of a society or country where the individual lives. If it is not done so, then the individual will also suffer one day when the whole society would suffer.
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    Everything done with discretion is worthwhile and therefore we should use it to move forward. When we talk about consciousness, we find that consciousness is a power that makes you aware of what is right and wrong for you, that is, it is an expanded form of the ability to think. The author has rightly suggested that we should not only use our consciousness in the interest of ourselves but should also think about the interest of others. When a person really uses consciousness in a real way, he must be working for the good of society because his consciousness knows that we are all part of the same energy.

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    That is true. Different people react to different situations in different ways. The way how one reacts completely depends on the consciousness of the individual. When we act, we should think about what will be the effect of our actions on us, on neighbours and on society. If we want that none should have any negative effect because of our action, we will think in those lines and decided on the best way. But if we forget others and think about only ourselves we will be selfish. It is better to think about the negative effects on others and avoid such actions.
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