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    Increasing allergy to incense sticks.

    Incense sticks have always been considered an essential item during worship and every person should light incense sticks while worshipping. There was a time when the fragrance of incense sticks used to bring positivity to the whole house. But nowadays, perhaps due to increased pollution or due to the lack of quality of incense sticks, many people have started getting allergic to its smell. I have found many people around me who use incense sticks, but some of them put them outside the house due to allergies. Agarbati or Havan is not only an object for worship but also holds importance in the form of Vastu and health. Do we need to choose the right quality in this case or should we avoid using it?
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    In earlier days incense sticks were made with tree resins, aromatic herbs and plants. Slowly as the consumption increased usage of synthetic chemicals has been started. In today's market, it is very difficult to find incense sticks made with high-quality materials. Many of them are made with artificial fragrances and unsustainably harvested plants. The chemicals that are being used for the fragrance are toxic and they harm our health. Not only to our health but also to the environment, these chemicals are risky. They may cause even heart problems sometimes. So we should try to use quality material that is manufactured by standard companies only. Otherwise, our respiratory system will be in trouble.
    We use ghee in havan. We should use original ghee only. But these days what ghee we are getting in the markets are contaminated with other ingredients. So the problem comes. We should purchase quality ghee only and in such case, we will not have any problem. It is better to perform Havan always in a well-ventilated area only.

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    We need to use our sense in selecting incense sticks as different kinds of cheap varieties are available in the market targeting the huge requirements. How to select the great incense sticks goes with experience. For me I use the Loban or the Sambarani fragrance which is very good to the health, give positive feeling early in the morning and it is also anti repellent. Good incense sticks must last long and the fragrance should cast the spell. In Hyderabad I have known Agarbati producing company and purchase the same directly from them and for 500 sticks they charge me Rupees 100 and that is of great fragrance. They have many fragrance like rose, jasmine, sandal and mixed but I am convinced with Loban fragrance. Bangalore is the headquarters for the incense sticks and some good brands are making huge turnover but fragrance does not exists.
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    In those days the manufacturing of incense sticks was considered as Cottage industries but nowadays there are numerous manufacturers are in the manufacturing of incense sticks with different smells. So, care should be taken when using. Moreover in many places they lit the incense sticks in bulk which creates more dhoop which leads to allergy to some people.

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