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    Will chanting a mantra without knowing the meaning have any effect?

    Most of us chant mantras during worship or sometimes just keep chanting them. Sanskrit is not only our ancient language, it also has scientific importance. It is believed that in Sanskrit words, the letters are organized in such a way that the combination of sound and composition of the word affects you physically and mentally as well. If, in fact, the importance of mantras is only with the right pronunciation of letters or words and sounds, then should we think about their meaning? Will chanting a mantra without knowing the meaning have the same effect as chanting after understanding the meaning?
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    If we understand the meaning of a mantra we can do it with more consciousness. But many of us don't have sufficient knowledge of Sanskrit and hence we don't know the meaning of Mantras.
    A mantra is to be chanted in the way it is to be chanted. Then only the expected result will come. That is why the Gurus give importance to the utterance of the words in the mantra and they are not much bothered whether the student understood the meaning or not.
    These days we are having many ways and means to understand Sanskrit. Some spiritual leaders are trying to explain the meanings of various mantras and making the public aware of the importance of these mantras. Persons who are having interest can understand by hearing or viewing the videos that are coming from various channels. There are very good books in which we will get the meaning of these mantras. But it requires a lot of patience and time to read and understand them.

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    We must know that the Mantras are drawn from the great language of Sanskrit and it has to be said and rendered with modulation and without mistake. One has to pronounce the same rightly. That is the reason being so Mantras are told in unison with many joining the same and if it is rendered solely mistakes can be made. Since the renditions are made to the God, we should be serious enough to say the same with full concentration as even one sentence left over would make whole rendition useless and baseless. One need not be perfect with meaning but the saying should be right and without mistake. That is the reason being so religious discourses should be heard and listened so that meanings of the slokas and mantras can be made known. Sanskrit scholars would be happy to explain the meanings with graceful examples.
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    Anything if we go deep in anything it is not nice to have a needed effect. We should not go deep into anything as it may turn bad. In the case of Mantras, the issue of going deep to know the meaning is raised by those who do not really believe them. Because of their disbelief and to gather support to their point they drag people into this. If you do not want to utter the mantra for your own benefit you simply leave it and do whatever you want.

    In all rituals, the mantras were written in the language that was in vogue in that period only and not with any intention. Now everybody has a common language, that is English, so we all communicate with each other in English though our own language is different. So, accordingly, they did all mantras in Sanskrit or Urdu etc. Learned persons are guiding others who are intending to follow.

    I blindly followed mantras in my life till my wife's death as the author has said. But when I did rituals for my wife after her death, I could not utter even a single mantra without tears as I understood the meaning of the mantras since I had learned Sanskrit. The mantras have such effective meaning and one common man cannot control himself or herself if he/she knows the meaning of the mantra or its inner meaning.

    There is a write-up by Adi Sankara on mother's importance. Originally it was written in Sanskrit. With the help of a learned person, I got the translated version. While reading it, one cannot control his or her tears as each and every difficulty faced by a mother is depicted. We can read it simply but if we understand the meaning, we cannot move to the next stanza with ease.


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    Mantras will produce effects only when the same are spelt out with the correct accent. They are chanted by the Pandits which are originally written by gurus by the prominent Yogis in ancient times. We don't take so much pain to understand the real meaning of mantras but we are guided by the Pandits to chant out the mantras as required. However, we should not ignore the theme behind it. Knowing the inner theme would produce more effects since the same is being chanted with our inner core of heart.

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