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    Are we seeing an economic recovery?

    There is a big talk of the country moving forward. The ruling dispensation is happily dishing out figures that suggest that some economic recovery is around the corner.

    However, if one were to read the other signals, the situation is rather grim. There is no respite from the fact that thousands have lost their jobs. Those who are somehow employed, now draw salaries that are far lesser than ever before. The Modi administration has been so happy to encourage entire armies of contract labour and even casual labour at all levels.

    And then comes the vital question: how many regular jobs were created? Is the foreign direct investment picking up? Why is it that the Government is so slow on the so-called reforms?

    We need big answers to such questions. And the menace of crony capitalism has to be addressed as well. So, can we talk about an economic revival, if at all there is one?

    Members may please share their views based on some data.
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    A point that requires a good debate. What are the various factors one has to consider to understand the economic condition of a country? Whether it is improving or following down should be decided based on many points. No doubt, unemployment is one of the issues that need to be considered to understand the facts. In addition to the unemployment problem, the other points like GDP growth potential, inflation, fiscal and monetary policy orientations are also to be taken into account for deciding the facts. So keeping the discussion to only one point may not give a correct understanding of the point to be studied. I can't go deeper than this in the subject.
    Due to the sudden emergence of COVID 19, there is a huge loss and many people lost their jobs. Slowly the whole world is recovering from the damage done by the pandemic. When there is nothing to eat, even a glass of water will create hope in the person. In the same, some way of earning is visible now. It may not be a government job or permanent job, but some means to earn is better than no job. This is my feeling on the matter.

    always confident

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    As habit after a lull the author came up with anti of the government and he is probably following the horse way of moving as it would not see what is happening besides and just galloping forward. But the fact is that the economy did recover a lot and the private companies started paying full salary. For that matter they paid the salary even during the lock down and with work from home concept. Now my son has gone to a new job with increased salary offer and with good position. If the economy was not poised then how the companies would pay increased salary as asked far. And the author must be harping on the so called government jobs which has no belonging nor importance these days as the talented persons are getting 8 lakhs to 15 lakhs per annum in private companies and who is interested in government jobs any way?
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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