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    India rich list going fat day by day

    When there have been apprehensions about the economy has been revived or going to be doomed after the two spells of lockdown, here is the great news shared by IIFL Wealth survey which states that 1007 persons spread across 119 cities in India have a net worth of 1000 crores as their assets. When compared to the global level, India has only 237 billionaires. Out of those who are rich they hail with the background of Pharma, chemicals, and software business as three sectors seem to be fetching more profits. Reliance Ambani is valued at 7,18,000 crore and Adani has a net worth of 5,05,900 crore. And Shiv Nadar of HCL continues to be rich with 2,36,000 crore value. And remember all these happened when the country was passing through the two lockdowns and these people made money for sure.
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    The author has raised a very interesting article indicating how some of the top icons were able to generate income to an unprecedented level during the phase of the lockdowns. Though GDP has dropped to an extremely low level depriving many capable employees of their regular jobs by way of terminating them in view of no demand of the products generated from the industries. During such turbulent phase, these industrialists could garner such robust profits and it is the reflection of their concerted efforts in achieving a higher level of profits. This has been possible of higher demands of petroleum, power and IT projects during this crucial time. Let us hope that in the upcoming time, they would still register with higher growth in their business areas.

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    This is the main problem. Rich getting richer and poor getting poorer. In our country more than half the wealth is in the hands of few people. This is not good for the country.
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    That is the real issue in our country. The gap between the rich and the poor is widening. When we talk about rich people becoming richer, we should also see the poor who are becoming poorer. During this pandemic how many poor people suffered due to lack of food. How many workers like drivers, ticket sellers, sales boys lost their jobs are also worth considering. The problems in society will enhance if the gap between the poor and rich are widened and we will see a lot of unrest in society. The government should explore various ways and means to bring down this gap. But unfortunately in our country, the problems are chronic and taking remedial actions to come out of those problems is very difficult and it is becoming a hectic task to the rulers as of now.
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