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    Punishing ourselves over vengeance on others

    It is seen in the newspapers that the milk vendors of Erode, Tamil Nadu poured milk can by can on the road in order to show their protest on the price issue released by Government. Similar to this flower vendors poured their flowers in the road side of the Market complex as they dissatisfied because of the poor price for their flowers.
    In those days we have shandy in our city where the vegetable vendors sell the vegetables by keeping on the spread of sack on ground till evening. When the darkness of evening come, they reduce their price in order to clear off their stock. We, as joint family person bought vegetables at that time only as we can get balance quantity for our entire persons at a nominal price.
    Our own critics are raising question 'why unnecessarily pouring milk on the stone God in the name of Abishekam, instead it could be given for poor people'. Where they have gone by seeing these vendors?
    Instead of pouring as a waste they could have sold for a lower price to the public with which both the parties get satisfied to some extent.
    Vendors punishing themselves over vengeance on others.
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    In Japan, if the factory workers go for higher production to express their anger on their management. By producing more and stocking them, the management will have the crash crunch and understand the problems of the workers better. The stress on the management will also increase to liquidate the stocks.
    Like this by throwing away milk, the producers of milk are trying to create scarcity in society so that people will feel the pinch and pressure on the government to solve their problems will increase. There will not be any impact on the people If they sell at a cheaper rate or give them free. So, they follow these pressure tactics.
    The quality products will get sold off early in the weekly markets. The products reminding till the late ours will not be fresh and hence the shop owners will sell them at a cheaper rate. This is like rebates that are being given by branded companies to clear their old stock.

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    Unfortunately in India the markets are not regularized and depends on the market committee managed by leading politician or at the whims and fancy of the middlemen controlled by the local leaders. The farmers on the other hand need to be criticized because every one produce the same and thus flooding of market of same variety is eminent and the price wont be sufficient. Last year we have seen Tomato farmers not getting even 50 paisa per kg has thrown the produce on the road and those who can pick up for free had the field day but the fact remains that the hard earned money of farmer is gone and the effort put to produce the tomatoes gone. That is why TS government has time again warned the farmers not to produce same product and earn the wrath of no or nil acceptance in the farmers markets. That is the reason being so new farm laws are necessary.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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