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    Are we in the real developing trend?

    When we were child, we heard our father told that he was struggling for money as his earning was less. In 1980's we faced similar shortage of funds for our daily bread. As my work place was situated at a distance of nearly 26 kilo meters but for which I have to catch three buses and to travel a circuited route from my house for more than 2 hours. Now since we got a road in the other direction, we can reach the same place in half an hour that too in a single bus.
    Now I have seen, when I went to a mall near our area, where many persons working for a less salary.
    By seeing these all, my mind thinking that,'Are we really developing individually?'
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    We see our development and think that the country is developing. But some families might be suffering even today also. But we know our past but we don't their past. The salesperson's father might be working in a much worst environment and his income levels might be lesser than the present income levels. We can't decide without knowing the full facts.
    But in general. money circulation increased considerably and people can spend money. The purchasing capacity of individuals increased. On average definitely, there is an improvement in the financial conditions of the majority of people. Definitely, this is a good trend and we may see further improvement.

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    Those people who were poor once upon a time but slowly came out of that adverse situation and could manage their lives in a better way and today they might be having a satisfactory financial condition and making their living happily, but it doesn't mean that all the poor people have come out from their level to a manageable level in our country. There are so many still struggling with low salaries and low income and trying hard in the life to improve their standard of living. India is a very big country with a large population and it is not possible to provide jobs to everyone here and that is the reason why many people are still struggling to get the bread of two times in their daily lives. It is also true that our country is developing in a faster pace now but the problem is that until we provide some jobs to everyone and try to make policies and rules regulations for eradication of poverty till then this situation will not improve.
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    We cannot deny that we had been poor sometime back say 45 years ago but due to opening up of jobs in the several sectors in 1960 and onwards. It was the Nehru's era who has the keen interest for strengthening the counties with the industrial developments. That effort was taken up almost in the sectors such as steel, copper, aluminium, power etc simultaneously and a robust growth was seen in all such sectors leading to employment generation. As a result, there was massive induction of employees. Economy, too, accelerated in the constant pace and the benefits percolated not only the employees absorbed in the different sectors but their children got the real benefits in terms of education with the facility of top quality of schools. Despite the fact, there was the real growth of some of employees, it did not percolate to all and hence growth was not commensurate to rapid industrialisation. We have to make efforts further for the improvement of the rest of masses struggling for two meals in a day.

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    The author has raised an important post in this write up and the reactions would be mix and even against. It all depends on how the members has taken the question into their stride. For me I would say we have developed a lot. For example there was only one train going to Madras those days and the ticket was 54 rupees with steam engine operating from Hyderabad. Now we have three trains as one from Secunderabad, and another from Kacheguda towards the Chennai. That means the demand for more trains has been increased and all the three trains operate on different route enroute to reach Chennai or suburb. Though we have been confronting with high cost and high price in every sector, the operational ease has been achieved especially in bus connectivity to the nearby villages and from Hyderabad one can reach entire South through bus.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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