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    Losing your sense is nothing but speaking without ‘Consciousness’

    The word 'Consciousness' may have a different meaning in a Psychologist's perspective but a lay man can easily understand what the term means to be if he switches on to a TV news channel. The ruptures that spark off between political parties these days and the foul language used to counter attack the comments of their counterparts and the debates concluded by the channels giving 'hype' to the senseless talk and continued discussions for hours with phone-in programmes are few examples for the degrading values and limited 'consciousness' of the stake-holders in the episode.

    In this process, the Anchor who happens to be a star in the area of Journalism utters a word 'speak with consciousness' while the so called Expert commentator retorts, "Allow me to continue and don't lose your sense". This is a Great 'Tamasha' that goes on regularly in today's environment without any interruption on any subject. While TRP ratings are also higher for such programmes.

    Previously we use to say a drunkard's words have no value as he speaks without consciousness but he appears to be better now because he would be more careful while speaking as he tries to prove himself that he is not drunken.
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    I do agree that the panellists in many discussions on television channels speak mindlessly but surprisingly we all vote for one party or the other. By doing this are we acting consciously? Ask anybody about the politics and politicians and a majority will say they do not like politics or wish to discuss because of the degradation and criminalization of politics. It is hard to find neutral media these days as all are supporters or promoters of some political parties. It is good to support or oppose views and we all should do this but that must be done consciously. Spokespersons of the political parties are just followers of their masters and possibly do not bother to speak consciously. They speak by following a particular line issued by the political parties.

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    Nice and my appreciation to the author. The TV channels are conscious about their TRP ratings but not about the values and the effects that are coming in society due to their useless and meaningless debates. Even though they know that they are spoiling the atmosphere with their meaningless talks, they continue to show such programmes consciously to gain personal goals.
    The main problem comes with the speakers who are not having any sense except praising their leaders and shouting at the other members in the panel. They want their face to be seen on the TV screen and well they are happy with that.
    The only answer for this problem is viewers should stop seeing such programmes and automatically the TRP ratings will come down. Otherwise, these senseless talks will continue.

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    Human beings are having a very high level of consciousness as compared to all the living beings on this planet. So we are the precious lot on the earth made by God or nature whatever we call it who has given us this special previlage due to which today we are the dominating species on this globe. If we don't use this consciousness in our day to day activities and other interaction with each other then we are doing a great mistake because it is like not using our hand tools for the repair of an item and using some stone or some obsolete tools to do the job. Such repair jobs will never be successful.
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    Appreciation to the author for connecting the tow topic with that of tamasha that is happening in the television channels that in the name of discussions the anchor would not allow the guest to vent his or her perceptions and I have seen in Telugu channels many a time the guests walked out of the discussion in protest. That is very humiliating because when the topic is initiated, surely mixed reactions are going to happen but what we invariably see is the anchor taking side and that makes the very discussion nasty. Anchors are supposed to be non partisan and they should moderate the program but if they support one side then the other side cannot be given chance to vent their ire. Such channels are wasting time as if the audience does not have the sense and we coolly shift to other channels and they does not know.
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    A very nice post from the author. This is absolutely true that at present most of the news channels are only concerned about TRP. The only difference to the news channels is how their show stays on top and for this, the anchors take themselves to every level. As the author said he is right, at present it seems to be a Tamasha, which is being shown to the world, and what is, in reality, is something else.

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