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    Before blaming heredity, think of the level of your consciousness

    You must have similarities with your parents and siblings which is quite natural. The similarities in physical characteristics are because of heredity and here genes play a role. To some extent our mental and behavioural characteristics are also dependent on genes but how much? Let's go deeper to look for an answer.

    First, let me give you some examples. A child growing up in an ill-mannered family will be ill-mannered after growing up and if we enquire it will be found that her/his ancestors were also ill-mannered. If you are unable to control your anger you will start blaming your parents for that nature and may try to justify by saying you got your anger from your parents. If you say this are you consciously saying this?

    Initially, we learn something from observing and following others and then master it through practice. You may be ill-mannered because of your parents, you may be ill-tempered because of your parents but only after carefully observing the natures of your parents and consciously practising them, you have absorbed such characteristics. Somebody must have pointed out to you that these characteristics are unacceptable and I am sure you were not unconscious at that time. Yet you followed it in the full state of your consciousness because you thought it correct. Now after a setback, if you start blaming others for your behaviour and unacceptable acts think of your level of consciousness. Think of it again whether something overpowered your consciousness at that time when you practised such acts regularly. In that case, it may be found you were not conscious enough.

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    A good submission from the author. By the time the children get matured some habits will get imbibed in them and they start behaving in the way their elders in the family behaves. Then it will become very difficult for them to come out of those habits. They consciously do that but the blame goes to their parents. It is not very difficult to come out of their ill-mannered behaviour if they try consciously to achieve that. It is a general practice to throw the blame on somebody and one should have the courage to accept their faults. Consciousness plays a very important role here.
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    Heredity also is responsible for some of the characteristics that we acquire through the genes in our heredity but it is believed that most of the characteristics and nature that we acquire is through our bringing up process only. So, blaming heredity for our faults and follies will not be a rational thing to do. Many people make excuse in the name of heredity that because of that only they lost in some work of competition or other task important in their lives but it is only an excuse and has no logical base behind it.
    The shape, colour, and physical appearances of a person are definitely controlled by the hereditary factors but whatever mental faculties are given to him in that successive generation under that particular heridity design he has ample opportunities to increase his knowledge and learnings and then do some good job in the world like making a good career or helping others or guiding the other needy people and many activities like that which a knowledgeable person can definitely do if he wishes to do so. So, it is better to forget about heredity and concentrate in our own progress and development through hard work and consistent efforts.

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    A very nice post from the author for the contest. We often find that people blame their bad nature on their ancestors and adopt good and good deeds with great pride. As we grow up in life, we go through many experiences and these experiences become an important factor in the development of our behavior. It is very easy to blame others for your defeat or your bad deeds but it is hard to accept them. When a person is growing he/she also grows consciousness and this consciousness play important role in our behavior. When we have our own decision-making capability then why should we blame our ancestors for any bad habits of us.

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