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    Environmental consciousness is the need of the hour

    As human beings, it is our moral obligation to protect the environment and help the sustainable development of the planet so that it will be useful to future generations to make their living here.

    Environmental pollution will become detrimental and will affect the long-term health and existence of animals, trees and human beings. So, we should not go for any deeds that will adversely affect the environment. We also need to take measures to protect the planet. We should think of reversing the damage already caused by our works.

    This is a fact that the present condition of the environment is mainly due to the deeds of human beings only. We know, how much increase is there in greenhouse gases production which is very detrimental for the health of the environment. Added to this the greed of human beings is making the atmosphere to get concentrated on carbon dioxide. Do we know why this situation has arisen? We, the human beings are only responsible for deforestation which made this universe getting heated up more than usual. By cutting the trees we are helping to enhance the greenhouse effect. The food we eat and the air we breath is also polluted heavily these days. These will cause health problems and reproductive abilities of animals and human beings also.

    Our traditional culture says that protect trees, they will protect you. But without understanding this fact we are cutting them and making the environment suffer from scarcity of oxygen. A tree planted today may not be helpful to you but definitely, it will help future generations. In the same fashion, the deeds we commit which are detrimental to the environment may not affect us but will make future generations suffer a lot.

    So it is our responsibility to increase the environmental consciousness of the people, especially the children so that the mother earth will continue to be a place suitable to live for living organisms.

    This is my entry for the contest
    Topic based TOW contest for Sept '21- topic-'Consciousness'.
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    Probably this entry seems to win the contest as the author hit the right chord to bring in the awareness on environment and that is associated with full consciousness. Those who respect the nature and environment, never act against the interest of the same and thus contribute to the well being of all. We are all individually responsible to maintain the balance of good environment and even one single mistake would spoil the nature. Gifted is our country because we are not having the problems of lava and its worst effects on the people and environment and my thoughts goes with those who are confronting this problem. Nevertheless safeguarding environment is always coupled with good education and orderly manner ensured that we have some thoughts for maintaining a pollution free world for ourselves and the next generation also.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Nature is full of resources which were exploited by the human beings and during that time we did a lot of technological advancements also with the help of the nature. During that process we have polluted the environment through our artificial way of working. Instead of repaying the nature our thanks and gratitude we have in fact done harm to it. It is still not too late and we should wake up from our blind race of polluting the environment and stop all sort of harms that we are doing to it knowingly or unknowingly. Nature is so kind that in spite of all our follies it is tolerating us and still providing us everything which it can. It is the duty of every citizen and every person on this planet to take care of the environment and help it to get rid of the garbage and trash that we had accumulated there for such a long time. The only solution is 100% recycling of waste products and then only will be able to save the environment for our future generation. We all have to be consciously prepare for this task if we really want to save our earth from becoming a thing of past.
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    A very nice post from the author that is well connected with the topic of the contest. The environment is the most important factor in the life not only for humans but also for animals and other living beings. These days some human activities harming our environment. People should understand that we and our environment are not separated from each other and when we are harming our environment we actually creating problems for us. Protect our environment is not our duty but our need also.

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