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    College education should be free for all.

    Many students are unable to attend colleges due to financial difficulties. If college education is made free for all, even financially challenged students will be able to choose the course of their choice and earn a good career. It is a fact that education loans are available today for those in financial difficulties. However, students have to work hard to repay the loans. Many people are forced to take up some job immediately after college to repay their loans. They do not have the opportunity to wait for a good job or to start any venture. If college education is free, they will have time to choose a good job or start a good business according to their interests. Denying one's higher education only just because one has no money is social inequality. Everyone should have an equal opportunity to pursue higher education and a good career.

    Do you think college should be free for everyone?
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    For that matter there are government colleges in every state and we have the feeling that those colleges does not impart good education and thus would not waste time and energy to admit the ward so we go for the private colleges even though the fees are very high and not affordable. Having seen this the Telangana government has been giving fee reimbursement to the needy candidate based on their caste perceptions and also through the EBC quota. For the girl child the KG to PG free education program is already in force but no one is interested to avail the same. For the hard working parents they know the value of education and the competition outside and that is why they give best education in the private school and then colleges to cope up the child for the eventual show down with career prospects in the future.
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    The author has raised a very interesting issue but the problem is that if the government makes the college education free for all then it will be only limited to the government colleges, that is the first important thing which other members have also indicated. Other problem is that there is difference of facilities and education system between the private institutions and the government and this fact is known by everyone and the most important factor is that private institutions are able to help the students in getting a placement in the industry which most of the government institutions fail to do.
    Government will also require some funds for making college education free and this will be a big expenditure for the government. What government can do is that it can take the responsibility of educating the students to high school level and take control of the whole education system up to that level and do not allow the private operators to function there and if there is any private education it should be after the high school only. In that case all the schools up to High school will be under government control and then government can think of taking a decision of making that education free to everyone.
    Of course the private schools will oppose this move and will try that such things would never happen.

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    An interesting thread for discussion has been posted by the author that is commendable. Of course, this suggestion sounds appropriate, but it is a little less likely because it seems a bit difficult to give free college system to all the students completely. As we know that there are already many government colleges available in which fees are not or very less, if students have the capacity then they can complete their education from these government colleges also. Apart from this, many autonomous colleges are also provided, in which the fees are relatively low. As far as loan is concerned, loan is not required for general courses, it is needed when students move forward in professional courses and if their studies are given free of cost, then the institute will also suffer a lot. So the solution is this that movement should start more and more government colleges.

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    It is really an interesting thread highlighted by the author for the provision of free education up the graduation level to the students aspiring to acquire the same. Such a provision will equip the students to write different competitive examinations for enhancement of their careers. At least, the talented ones should be given opportunities to develop themselves with the better avenues of jobs. They should not suffer on that account simply they cannot afford the tuition fees and other expenses related to their higher studies, though they are competent enough to continue their studies if their financial constraints are eliminated.
    The state government has to take appropriate steps to develop the Human Resource's with the induction of free education programme to all aspiring to have a better career after their graduation. This decision will go a long way in brightening up the career avenues of the youths.

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    As of now the fee structure in many government colleges is very less and there are concessions for SC/ST/OBC/ economically backwards people. Even in private colleges also the fees are as decided by the government and fee reimbursement by the government process is also in place in some of the States. Only the management quota seats are costly even in engineering colleges. The government is spending a good amount of money on college education for the students. But the issue is the quality of education. It is a common belief in many people that the quality of the education is not up to the mark in the government colleges. So I feel the government should concentrate more on improving the quality of education. If this aspect is taken care of, people will never think of going to private institutions by paying huge amounts. Once it is done, we will see a lot of change in the field of education.
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    The view of author is though welcomed, the implementations can be done by the State Government through its Colleges. But will our people (parents) admit in those colleges? How many parents admitting their children in Schools run by Governments? Will they private college runners permit this free education? To my knowledge some colleges run by Governments are offering college education with less fess (some No fees) but a set of people only admitting their children in those colleges.

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