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    Chubby cheeks and dimple chin children are more adorable

    While for the parents their every child is the loved one and for others they look for chubby cheeks and dimple chin which add looks to any kids and we feel like touching them on the cheeks and love to even cuddle them. That milky cheeks are not permanent and as the child grows the facial recognition also changes and that is the reason being so we take so many snaps of children while they are infant, small and growing. Children are the treasures of any home as they bring joy, united a divided family and above all gives lots of memorable moments to the parents.
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    Children are always adorable in a family irrespective of their looks. If they have good looks as described by the author then it becomes more pleasurable for the family members and parents to see them and then to love them, to cuddle them, to give them the warmth and get the warmth back from them. The presence of children in the family make the whole atmosphere filled with love and affection and that is the reason why all the family members enjoy with the babies in the family. Generally, grandparents will be passing their time very happily and having fun filled moments with the babies in the family and that is a big source of affection and love feelings for them.
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    A family will definitely feel the togetherness when there are children in the house. The children will always keep all the members of the family well connected always with their innocent actions and behaviour. As mentioned by the author when we see a cute boy somewhere we will love seeing the baby again and again.
    When there are more children to a couple the concentration on each of their children can be less. But these days every couple is going for a maximum of two children only. So they have a lot of attachment with them and try to play with them for the maximum possible time.
    Taking photographs is very easy these days and everyone will have a smartphone in their hands. So parents take many photographs of their children make digital albums and keep them on their computers or laptops so that the children can see their photos after they grow.
    These days I am lucky enough to have sufficient time to play with my three granddaughters and enjoying with them.

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