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    Evolution of human consciousness with time

    The generation and birth of single life cells on earth was a miraculous natural happening and scientists believe that today's animal life including the human beings are the result of evolution from that primary life form which came in existence on this planet millions of years back. Charles Darwin, the great scientist, gave the theory of evolution in very lucid terms which invoked the minds of many scholars and scientists to work in this direction more and more.
    The journey from that primitive life form to today's advanced life forms of humans is a very long journey and consists of mind-boggling time period of millions of years which human mind cannot comprehend so easily.
    If we look back in the geological history of Earth then we find that so many species of animals got evolved from the basic primitive life forms and they evolved in different different directions depending on the natural, geographical, and climate conditions of that place giving rise to different different types of animals and species. We find different types of animals within the same group of species which shows that there is effect of surrounding habitat on the evolution.
    During evolution, in many animals, the physical and mental faculties also evolved with time. If we observe the behaviour of apes and monkeys we find that they are much more intelligent then the other animals found on earth. The evolution of humans is considered from the primitive apes only and during that evolution the intelligence level of humans started to increase with time as human species were more adaptable to the nature and were quick learners from the natural processes. It is also true that because humans evolved or migrated in the globe to different places, their colour, height, and appearances were also different depending on their evolutionary paths. Anyway, the most surprising and amazing thing is that the consciousness level of humans finally reached such a stage that they were able to start living in big social groups and started to exploit the natural resources of Earth and finally reached the today's spectacular modern stage.
    It was only possible because of very high level of consciousness level attained by human beings during the evolutionary processes.
    This is my entry for the month end topic based TOW contest.
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    The human evolution over a period of time is well structured in the post. As the days passed. human beings are getting civilised and making their lives more comfortable. Definitely, the consciousness of the people increased over a period of time. But over a period of time, their consciousness is more towards their personal growth and happiness more than the well being of society. As the days passed human beings became more intelligent and brought in many technological developments. But in that pursuit, some of the basic points that are essential for the welfare of this mother earth were forgotten. A good submission from the author.
    always confident

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