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    Self- consciousness is the key to success

    Self-consciousness is known as an awareness of oneself. Often, people blame the system when they are failed. Nowadays, very few are found to have self-consciousness. For getting success in life, it is very important that first, we should understand ourselves then we would be able to identify changes around us. If we are conscious then nobody can dare to cheat us. A self-conscious person can overcome any challenges on the way of life. It is one of the strongest points of human personality. I read many interviews of UPSC qualified candidates in which they told that they achieved this success because of self-consciousness. I think self-consciousness is important in every walks of life then only we can complete our tasks. Oftentimes, It has been seen that some studious student becomes fail because of a lack of self-consciousness. This quality should be developed inside human beings from an early age.

    This is my entry for the TOW contest
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    Using one's consciousness while being self-conscious certainly leads to success. When we take up any task, then we take that task with our ability and confidence and make every effort to make it successful. In such a situation, sometimes such a situation also arises when for some reason we are not able to perform in our work as we thought and in such a situation our consciousness is our support, so keeping our consciousness in control, we should do every work. There are many people in the world who try to become a hindrance to your success, but when a person works with consciousness, no one can stop him and he gets success.

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    One should know what he is? One should know what are his strong points and where he has to improve. At the same time, what are the opportunities that are around him which suits him? He should also know what are his weak points and what is to be done to convert his weak points into strong points. Then we can say the person is having self-consciousness.
    Self-consciousness is required for the success of the individual. A person with this trait will face all the challenges positively and try to come out with a positive outcome. A student who is self-conscious will never make futile attempts. He will equip himself for the task by preparing well before taking up the task. That will make him successful always.
    Self awareness will give a chance for the individual to know himself better and he can find the paths that suit him for his travel path of success.

    always confident

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    The author has come up with very good reasoning of the tow topic and it is the fact that those who are self conscious and have self control, they have achieved huge success because they know how to move the issues and matters and when. Understanding our own strength and drawbacks would help to evaluate in right perspective before embarking on any task achievement. When we are alert and vigil, nobody can dare to deceive us and that itself proves that we cannot be defeated. Many who achieved the success through their hard work and dedication also had immense confidence in themselves, otherwise they cannot compete with those who are one step ahead of their choice. And the self consciousness comes after so much failures and then correcting their past mistakes and that way one becomes the person to reckon with.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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