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    Sudden rejection hurts more.

    When some people are discussing a topic and if the views of some are in favor and some are against, then people also ignore each other's talk and many things are cut off in the middle or to the front. Do not let the whole thing be said. Not only this, but many times it also happens that if a person in the group wants to say something, then any of the others tell him to keep quiet as if the person has no right to speak in this regard. In this way, when in a group, everyone has the right to give their view, even if someone does not know about that subject, then there is also a way to refuse it. Suddenly silencing someone or rejecting his words can make any person sad, and we should try not to do such misbehavior with anyone.
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    Equal opportunity should be given to all the participants in a meeting or discussion. The leader of the group should encourage all the people to talk. Some people may be very good at talking and they may be able to talk in a very attractive way. But some may hesitate to talk in a group and such people may not open up easily. Here comes the role of the group leader. He should encourage such people and see that they will also express their views freely. Instead of that if we try to suppress a person who is hesitating to talk, the person will become further slow and may stop talking.
    Sometimes some people may feel that they know everything and what others speak makes no sense. Such people only will try to stop others without allowing them to talk. That is not good for any meeting or discussion and the outcome may not be the perfect outcome for the points discussed in the meeting. We should not stop anybody before hearing what they are telling.

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    This happens many a time when some group is discussing a issue or matter and someone wants to give their word or suggestion was blindly turned down and asked to keep quiet. Suddenly silencing someone is the bad trait and surely it would hurt him or her. Expressing the concern, suggestion and even not agreeing to the point is the right of all who are discussing the issue. Irrespective of the person or position the matter need to be discussed with all and let the opinions of all flow to make a final decision at the end. Often it has been noticed that those who are not concerned to the issue are interfering and raising the objections and giving suggestions and that is also a bad trait to which none would tolerate. It is always good to give our opinion if sought for, otherwise keeping quiet and watching the proceedings from the gallery is g
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