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    Take a look at yourself while talking to anyone.

    In today's time, the word body language is not just a word but a topic about which many books have also been written and in these books, all those important knowledge points have been given that you need to know during the interview, etc. or during any special meeting. Rather, you should also pay attention to your body language in normal times. But most people think about this when such a situation arises, while it is such a thing that we should also observe ourselves all the time and keep on improving ourselves little by little. Some people see different habits of blinking eyes, which seem strange to the people around them but people ignore it as a habit. It is also important that when we talk to the people around us, especially our family or friends, we should also notice that our habits seem to be normal. If there are any habits that seem different from normal or seem strange that we should give up, then work on it from the beginning, do not wait for any special interview or meeting.
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    Body language is one way of expressing your thoughts and feelings without speaking. The body language of an individual will give some idea about the habits of the concerned person also. Many times persons will try to understand us by observing our body language. That is why many elders advise us to have control over our facial expressions and body moments especially when we are talking to elders or in a group. When we talk in a group we should be seeing in all the directions so that we will understand how the people are receiving our talk. When somebody is talking we should be watching him and hearing him. Instead of that if we start looking elsewhere the speaker will get an impression that we are not interested in his talk. That is why we should look at ourselves before observing somebody. It is always better to have control over our facial expressions and body moments which will indicate our inner feelings to others.
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    After reading this post my thoughts went to a real happening some time back. One of my known friend met me after long time and he was coming from the opposite direction on the scooter and I was going the other direction. Having meridian in between he choose to greet me from the other end and was gesturing. This was seen by another friend of mine and thought that someone else is picking quarrel with me and he started abusing the friend on the other side. And I was shocked at this behavior and later came to know that he is having hearing problem but could guess the gestures and that was not offending and yet reacted. So the body language is very important in conveying to others and especially when we are in the public others are closely watching us and they would interfere for any wrong gestures or even words.
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    Body language reflects our interest in the ongoing discussions and we should have the appropriate body language to greet him with the right posture. May be at our heart is there is a respect for my friend but he did not realise my gesture of respect since it could not be marked at the appropriate time. This is nothing but the failure of our mission to convey our best wishes at the right time. Hence we should always be attentive if someone is engaged in discussions and our looking upwards towards the ceilings would reflect our disinterest of his discussions. We should not forget the normal courtesy in the meetings.

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