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    Why in a family at least one spoil sport person bothers everyone?

    If you ask any big family with many members, they would be expressing their unhappiness on at least one person who is not syncing with the thoughts of all members and because of him the difference of opinion, the face off, and even quarrels takes place. The whole peaceful atmosphere of good and sound family goes for the toss with that strange behavior to which everyone is averse and they are unable to bear all the over actions of him or her. What is the solution for such persons present in the family and how the peace can be ensured?
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    The only with such persons is to ignore them. Such a person may say many adverse things about the proposal that is being discussed in the family and when there is an indication that the proposal may get the nod of almost all the members. That will make some people think again and he will show the small problems also at a bigger scale. Initially, people may take his words seriously but once they understood the mentality of the person, they start avoiding him or ignoring him. Definitely, such people will be there in many big families and because of such people, some actions will get delayed.
    Once we understand what we are doing and its and pros and cons. we need not worry about the comments of such people and we can go ahead with our task. He/ she may get annoyed but we can't help it. There may be a change in the attitude of the person if he understands that the family members are ignoring him and he may not be able to convince the other people with his ideas.

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    it depends on what age and relation with that person, and as per the situation, we can find a different solution. For example, if I talk in my family I have a joint family my father and my grandpa mostly have a different views from others but obviously, we can not ignore them as he is my father and a respectable person so what we do, we adjust with him. When some of my relatives call my family for lunch or dinner we all go there but my father and grandfather do not come with us so we make little food for them at home. Apart from that if any younger person of the family gives such behavior then definitely we should avoid it.

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