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    Indians are not only aiming to earn in other countries but also own a house there?

    Going to foreign countries for higher studies were the only targets for the few who can afford in the past and after coming back, they bagged good job offers and settled in India. But now the people wants to go for job in any country and having good hold over their earning spree and having knack to earn more by utilizing their time and knowledge, they are now aiming to own a house there and settle permanently. Canada is the place where many Indians gone for the job and became their permanent citizen and now owning their own homes. Any comment on this ?
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    Many Indians who went abroad settled there and obtained the citizenship of that country. This was happening earlier also. But now the numbers are more. One of my classmates in high school and a distinct relative of mine went to the US and did PG in medicine and settled there. He is a very famous doctor in the area he lives now. Like that many people settled there. Once they settle there it is natural to buy a house there so that they will be comfortable. They will have NRI status and they can own property in India also. They will come once in a while and spends some time here and go back.
    The emergence of the IT industry made job availability in foreign countries to Indians increased. So we see many people settling there. Once they settle there the children born there will become the citizens of that country. So the parents may not be able to come back leaving children there.

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    The author is right, there was a time when some of few people went to foreign but now the time is changed. I also know some such people who went to foreign for job search or jobs promotions or any other reason but after going there they want to settle over there. I think the quality of life that they find in foreign countries attracts them to settle own over there. Not for the atmosphere but for other important factors like medical facility, a good education system, etc all motivate others to provide the same environment for them and their loved ones. Apart from that, an investment in a foreign country also gives more profit to people.

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    Indian persons who have gone abroad and got a good job there are financially well off and can purchase a house comfortably there after 5 - 6 years of their getting a job.
    Another thing is that houses are not very costly in those countries. In fact about 8-10 years back there was a recessionary trend going in some of the western countries and then the house prices even decreased substantially and at that time many Indian people easily bought the house there.
    Some of the countries like Canada welcome people from outside because their population is less and they want workforce to work in their country so that they progress more and more.

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    I do agree the Indians owning a house in their place where they are working and is good to hear on their wellness also. But at the same time, they should keep in their mind that they are having a house,if they or their parents own a house, in their mother country also . They should keep contacting their parents (other relatives are at their option) compulsorily without shouldering responsibilities on others or ignoring them totally. They should think at what love they sent them to such countries. Many aged parents are starving as anything for Love.
    Similarly such persons totally ignore their own house in the mother country either by selling or demolishing in the view that they are not totally coming back to the motherland. They should realize with what love and effort their parents constructing the house and for whom they built the house. If it is so, they need not tell their motherland as motherland.
    Many houses found in destitute level as their children are in foreign countries.

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