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    Keep smiling. It will improve your health

    We all know that smiling is a conscious action when we see certain things that make us happier. A smile is an indication of your joy and happiness. Your smile will have a positive impact on your mind and body. It will make the atmosphere around you happy and all the people enjoy your association. So, one should keep a smile on the face always.

    One important point is that we all should know is smile will make us healthy. Some research carried out on this aspect a few years back suggested that a smile may also increase our longevity. Smiling helps to avoid looking tired and can help in decreasing stress and tensions. A smile will improve our immunity.

    Whenever you are in a serious problem, start reading something which will make you laugh and you will feel relieved from the problem and your mind will start working actively on the issue you have to solve.

    Be smiling always it will help you in many ways.
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    It is true that smiles have a positive impact on the body and mind. Smile is healthy for our body in different ways. When we smile our stress becomes reduce on the mind and we feel relax. Smile is good exercise for lips. Everybody likes smile face and this kind of face attracts to everybody. So, we should have a smiley face even in tension also.

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    The author has made an important observation which is a good trait to follow because keep smiling will not only improve our face value and personality cult with others, but also keep our health in good conditions. Always worries, tensions and stress has taken away the smiles from the people face and that is the reason being so if anyone smiles and welcomes us we are bound to give more attention to that person. For example if a sales man knocks the door and the house hold smiles and inquire about what is the matter, that is the indication that the probable customer can be tried to become a customer by the sales person. This is the marketing technique as if anybody smiles and welcomes us, it is the indication that they are going to spend time with us. And those who are smiling will always have good people around them as they get pepped up.
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    The author has initiated a good thread, as we know that a smiley face provokes others too to make a smile and be happy. Happiness is such a thing for which we humans keep running here but forget that happiness is less related to the outer world and more connected to the inner world. When a person is happy, he feels energetic in himself and considers himself the luckiest person in the world, on the other hand an unhappy person thinks that he is the most unlucky person. When we give happiness to others as well as us, then we make life happy. So follow it, be happy and make others happy.

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    The author has provided a good suggestion that we should have the smiling face despite the odd situations. Outbursts with the negative emotions will impact your health conditions in a negative way. To get rid of such negativity, it will take substantial time to be eased. On the other hand, if we could avoid such a situation, at least the stress and tension affecting our mind can be tackled successfully. Though this is not so easy to be practiced but once we realise the health benefits of keeping smiling face with shedding such negative emotions, will be charged with the positive thoughts and can think clearly what would be our next recourse.

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    A smiling and pleasant face is a source of great pleasure and happiness. Some people appear to be happy all the time and wherever they are the people around them will also be affected and become happy. This is a great trait though few people have it. Happy people are respected everywhere and are welcome in the gatherings. They are acceptable in every social meet or group activity. They create source of positive energy and positiveness wherever they go. We should try to inculcate the great trait of smiling even inthe adverse situations as that helps in keeping the morale high and one does not enter in the dark areas of depression and getting introverted. A good smile is a treasure for the individual as well as for others who come in that company.
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