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    Consciousness from perspective of Sanatan Dharma.

    Consciousness depicts a completely different phenomenon of a human personality. I do not have an understanding of this term from the perspective of a common man wherein this could have been related to one's individual identity of life, survival, and death but from an understanding of a true being the term, consciousness refers to recognize and acknowledge the true self. The importance of recognizing and acknowledging the true self is that this does not restrain one's individual identity, actions, or outcome but this sees the existence and the importance of every single living and non-living entity in association with each other.

    Secondly, being conscious does not limit to this life only but sees the life beyond it and believes in eternity and continuous cycle of life and death. In accordance with this, there was never a time in which we never existed and there will never be the time in which we will never exist but in both, we are completely ignorant of what form and basis.

    Due to the reason that this cannot be proven scientifically, this has not been categorized as verified and authenticated in modern books or from the perspectives of preachers and therefore this only remains the accepted truth in Sanatan Dharma only. At once this does not seem rational but then pick the day when you visit the nearby park and observe the movements within the below laid grass or observe the trees wherein the birds are engaged with a sense of some sort of responsibility. I want you to consider this same on a much larger scale which one is capable of. If you beginning to feel the significance of their existence, their survival, and finally of their extinction then you may have some understanding of what consciousness is all about.

    This could be more philosophical than scientific for a major section but is a fact that in ancient India this was practiced through meditations and with appropriate lifestyles and this can still be seen and can be evident in few locations based out of modern-day twists and turns.

    My entry for the TOW contest.
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    The author has given a first-rated thread for the TOW contest. A different view about life with consciousness has been provided by the author through his thread. When we live this life with consciousness we actually become more alert in observing things that are happening around us, we find every little moment of our life even the moment's of others too. As the author mentioned about the activities of grass and birds this actually happens when our consciousness is there at the moment. We all belong from one energy and after this life, we still are energy, consciousness is always there, wherever we go after this life it will be there.

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    In many religions, it is mentioned that awakening the human consciousness can lead to spiritual attainment. In our Hindu mythology and culture same thing is told in a very subtle way asking the people to follow a path of goodness and spirituality and progress in one's life to finally get disconnected and unattached to worldly materialistic pleasures. Sanatan Dharma teaches that in the most beautiful way and tells the followers to carve out a path of good deeds coupled with helping their fellow beings and choosing a path of truthfulness and honesty. The pillars of Sanatan Dharm are unique and everlasting and that is the reason why many research scholars from India and abroad go through our scriptures and other reference books to find more about these things.

    Knowledge is power.

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    A very nice thought-provoking submission from the author. As long as you think you are a different entity in this universe your thought process will be different. But the moment you think you are the universe, everything in this universe is you only. Aham Brahmosmi. Advaita says there is no second identity. Everything is only one. This is the feeling of universal integrity. If people are having patience and time and can read the books in which Sanatana Dharma explained many things about human life. How we have to conduct ourselves in this universe will definitely be known to us. I appreciate the author for his excellent contribution.

    always confident

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    Probably this is the winning article of this tow topic, the author has pure dig at the perspective of Dharma. Knowing the true self is the first dharma of being human. Without knowing the purpose of our life and why should we live for others, this world seems to be waste for us and nothing more. We are bound to live the life within the frame giving equal opportunities to all the living and non living things. That means we have not right to demolish or remove anything which we have not created. Life and death are going to happen and those who believe in seven trans life of living do have the fear to live within limits. One thing is sure as we are sent to this part of the world with a purpose and that should be identified first. So the life without any achievement does not have the meaning and that would be wasted of time and energy to which we are bound to give explanation.

    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    The referenced topic in discussion is comprehensive enough to not get covered through a single thread but yes there can be an effort to put some light on its perception and significance in a different context.

    I thank the members for their contributions and for making this thread more valuable for the readers.

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