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    September 2021 Cash Payment Announcement

    We have announced the September 2021 Cash Payments for Editors and Members.

    To view the Cash Payment details, visit our Cash Credits page.

    Please follow the instructions to receive the payment, if your name has been announced for a payment in the cash credits' section.
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    Very many thanks for announcing the payment at the stroke of midnight and hats off to the webmaster Timmy for working overtime to effect payments to the members and in this occasion I congratulate all those members who got the payment this time, and kindly upload your filled in invoices so that the payments can be made to your bank accounts shortly. And for those who missed the payment this time,better luck soon. By the way I have uploaded the invoice and submitted the same just now.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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    Many congratulations to all the members who have received the cash payment for the month of Sept. Please keep contributing and participate in contests so that we get to see more names in the next list.
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    Happy to see my name in the list of cash payment recipients for the month of September 2021. At the same time I take this opportunity to congratulate all the others members who have made it for this month and received the cash payment. Well done members, all the best, and keep contributing.
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    Thank you webmaster for your timely announcement of cash payments for the month of September 2021 as usual. I thank ISC for awarding some cash payments to me this month. I congratulate all the members who got cash payments. I have all will contribute more and receive cash payments.
    always confident

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    A big thank you to ISC for the announcement on time. Glad to see my name on the list of the cash payment recipients for the month of September 2021. ISC always rewards its members as per their contribution and performances and always make them feel that contributing here is one of the best decision of us. Here we are learning something every day and when also get some rewards in the form of cash, it again boosts our energy for more contribution. I like to congratulate all other members on their cash payments. I have uploaded my payment detail or invoice.

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    Thank you Timmy Sir. Congratulations to the other 17 eligible payees who will be receiving their payments soon for their contributions. I think a few of you are receiving a higher amount this time than earlier, for which you will be definitely happy! Let's continue to contribute quality content so that the more the site earns, the more the number of members who would become eligible for payment.
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    Thanking the webmaster for this great job.
    At the same time, I wish to get clarified that my name was there with some amount but is not reflected in the earnings of dashboard. Can I have get clarified whether there any other way to identify my total earnings.

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    Ramachandran Pattabiraman,

    When you go to the linked page provided by Timmy Sir, what you are seeing is 'All' so you can see your name with earnings for AE responses on that page. What you have to do is to select 'Cash Payment' whenever you are in doubt about whether or not you are eligible for receiving payment for the month.

    To identify your earnings alone, you have to click on the blue link of 'My Credits' which you can see at the top next to the drop-down list of 'Award Type'. When you click on that, you can see all the earnings that you got from each section, as well as any that you got through a contest prize or a reward program.

    As you may also know, the Gifts and Awards tab at your profile account will also indicate all your cc and payments, and, at the bottom, the total earnings, as well as the balance. As of now, your balance earnings are showing as Rs.693, so if you can earn some more this month and reach, say, Rs. 800/- at least, you will surely be eligible for payment when the next announcement is made in November. All the best!

    When you make a commitment, you create hope. When you keep a commitment you create trust! ~ John C. Maxwell

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    Thank you, Timmy Sir, for the announcement of the cash payment. Congratulations to all the members who have made it to the payment list. I am happy to find my name on the list. Let us contribute more and more.

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    My hearty congratulations to all the members who have received their cash payments for the month of September 2021. Thank you Timmy sir for the usual timely annoucement.

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    Thank you very much, Madam for the immediate response. My query is in that section i found Rs.1208 cash credit for expert answers on 02oct2021 but my balance earnings shows as Rs.693.

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    Ramachandran Pattabiraman,

    What happens is this- when you use the recalculate feature at your Dashboard, the amount gets updated and the total appears on that page of all the various sections. If you scroll down the page, you will see 'Cash for posting jobs', 'Cash for cool resources', 'Cash for Information updates', etc of other members as well. So basically you can see earnings of various sections there, and that amount of Rs.1208 is what you have earned from the AE section alone from the start of your contributions up to now. It is not that Rs.1208 is still to be paid to you, as you have already received part of it through earlier payments. If you check the Gifts and Awards Tab, you will similarly see the list of earnings for each section, this appearing at the top each time you use the recalculate feature.

    Now, this is different from the balance, which is what is left from your earlier payments and which gets added to the next payment. Thus, when you get your next payment, that Rs.693/- will be part of it and you will see a much lower balance after that.

    Let us know if you require any further clarifications.

    When you make a commitment, you create hope. When you keep a commitment you create trust! ~ John C. Maxwell

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    Thank you Timmy Sir for the payment annoucemnet. I am glad to see my name on the list and have uploaded the filled invoice for the same. Congratulate all members receiving payment for the month of September. Keep contributing, keep learning and keep earning!

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    My thanks to Timmy Sir for the announcement and my congratulations to all the members who will be receiving their Cash Payments this time. I am feeling happy as my name is also there on the list and my best wishes to others who couldn't make it this time. All you need to do is finding a suitable time regularly to contribute to ISC. There are many sections here. Pick from them and make valuable contributions to the section of your choice regularly. By doing this, I am sure you will find your name on the list the next time.

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    Congratulate all members who have been listed for the cash payment for the month of September 2021. I am happy to see my name on the list I am thankful to ISC for the same. I have also uploaded the filled-in invoice.

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    Thank you madam, for clear explanation.

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