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    Appreciation to CJI Ramana garu for asking action on Babus and cops nexus with leaders

    It is the known fact that the officers at the helm of affairs in central and state governments and also top cops are subject to work in tandem with the likes of leaders at the power and therefore many corrupt practices are going on behind the scene and public are not getting cue of it. Appreciation to CJI Ramana garu for asking action on Babus and cops nexus with leaders and thus opening up the long sought out demand of the public on this issue. Now there could galore of corrupt charges coming out in open and this would create political ripples in the days to come.
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    Chief Justice of India, Justice Ramana is really on the job. His comments are true and to be taken seriously by all the political parties and especially by the public. The cause of all ills in the country is due to the nexus between the parties in power and the executive.
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    Bureaucrats are becoming hand in gloves to the political leaders in the country and doing all mistakes and creating problems. We have seen and seeing many officers at a high level and going with some political leaders and trying to do injustice to the people who are in need and want actually their service. So the call given by the CJI is very correct and people should understand and start complaining to the court about such officers. Then only we can see a change in this society. Otherwise, we have to live in a corrupt society only and the poor and needy will continue to suffer.
    Earlier days the salaries of government employees were very less and struggling. But their salaries are more than the salaries of private employees and earning good amounts. Even then their pursuit for illegal earning is not ending. So they are supporting the leaders and doing all ill doings. There should be a change.
    We should appreciate CJI for his attitude and he is trying to hit on the target. People should support him. Otherwise, the goonda raj will continue forever.

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